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Battle of Opequan or Winchester, VA.

by Kurz and Allison

Kurz & Allison. Battle of Opequan or Winchester, Va.--Sept. 19' --Union: Gen.

          Sheridan ... Conf. Gen. Early. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of

          Congress, <>.

About Us

          As I was working in the education system, it was the beginning of the computer age and students next door to my classroom were studying history. When it came to the Civil War, the spent hours searching for information on just one battle. Then information was scarce, so I decided to create a notebook with the battles listed and the websites they could visit to give them actual information.

          As time went on, more information was added to the world wide web and I decided I could make things a lot easier for the students or anyone who wanted to look up the history of the Civil War. So I started researching the web for good information the students could use. The final product, although not nearly complete is where I have compiled information from the web, historical books and biographies. I am currently including major battles and campaigns and biographies of major generals. I have included naval warships when involved in a major battle and will later include the weapons used during the war.

          I am coming across new material thanks to HistoryNet, Flickr and newspapers sources of the time.

          I hope you find this website interesting and meets your needs. Please feel free to leave comments.

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