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Seven Days Battles
Union 2nd Corps

Army of the Potomac

Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan

​General Headquarters

Provost Marshal's and Headquarters Guard

Brig. Gen. Andrew Porter

2nd U. S. Cavalry (7 co's) & McClellan (Ill) Dragoons (2 co's)

Maj. Alfred Pleasonton

93rd New York  (4 co's) and

Sturges (Ill) Rifles

Maj. Granville

8th U. S. Infantry (2 co's)

Capt. Royal T. Frank

Lieut. Eugene Carter


4th U. S. Cavalry (2 co's )

Oneida (N.Y.) Cavalry

Capt. James B. McIntyre

Volunteers Engineer Brigade

Brig. Gen. Daniel P. Woodbury

15th New York

Col. J. McLeod Murphy

50th New York

Col. Charles B. Stuart

Battalion U. S. Engineers

Capt. James C. Duane

Casey's Command (at White House)

Brig. Gen. Silas Casey

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry (squadron)

Capt. William Shorts

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry (8 co's)

Col. Josiah Harlan

F, 1st New York Artillery

Capt. William R. Wilson

93rd New York (6 co's)

Col. Thomas F. Morris

Second Corps

Brig. Gen. E. V. Sumner


D, F. H. and K. 6th New York

Lieut. Col. Duncan McVicar

First Division

Brig. Gen. Israel B. Richardson

First Brigade

Brig. Gen. John C. Caldwell

5th New Hampshire

Lieut. Col. Samuel Langley

Capt. Edward E. Sturtevant

7th New York

Col. George W. von Schack

61st New York

Col. Francis C. Barlow

81st Pennsylvania

Col. Charles F. Johnson

Second Brigade

Brig. Gen. Tomas F. Meagher

Col. Robert Nugent

29th Massachusetts

Col. Ebenezer W. Peirce (w)

Lieut. Col. Joseph H. Barnes

63rd New York

Col. John Burke (w)

Lieut. Col. Henry Fowler

Capt. Joseph O'Neill

69th New York

Col. Robert Nugent

88th New York

Col. Henry M. Baker

Major James Quilan

Third Brigade

Brig. Gen. William H. French

2nd Delaware

Lieut. Col. William P. Baily

Capt. D. L. Stricker

52nd New York

Col. Paul Frank

57th New York

Col. Samuel K. Zook

64th New York

Col. Thomas J. Parker

66th New York

Col. Joseph C. Pinckney

53rd Pennsylvania

Col. John R. Brooke


Capt. George W. Hazzard (m w)

B, 1st New York

Capt. Rufus D. Pettit

A and C, 4th U. S. Artillery

Capt. George W. Hazzard

Lieut. Rufus King, Jr.

First Brigade

Col. Alfred Sully

15th Massachusetts

Lieut. Col. John W. Kimball

1st Minnesota

Lieut. Col. Stephen Miller

1st Company Massachusetts Sharpshooters

Capt. John Saunders

34th New York

Col. James A. Suiter

82 New York

Col. Henry W. Hudson

2nd Company Minnesota Sharpshooters

Capt. William F. Russell

Second Brigade

Brig. Gen. William W. Burns (w)

69th Pennsylvania

Col. Joshua T. Owen

71st Pennsylvania

Lieut. Col. William G. Jones

72nd Pennsylvania

Col. De Witt C. Baxter

106th Pennsylvania

Col. Turner G. Morehead

Third Brigade

Brig. Gen. N. J. T. Dana

19th Massachusetts

Col. Edward W. Hinks (w)

Capt. Edmund Rice

Lieut. Col. Arthur F. Devereux

20th Massachusetts

Col. William R. Lee

7th Michigan

Col. Ira R. Grosvenor

42nd New York

Col. Edmund C. Charles (w & c)

Lieut. Col. James J. Mooney


Col. Charles H. Tompkins

A, 1st Rhode Island

Capt. John Tompkins

I, 1st U. S. Artillery

Lieut. Edmund Kirby

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