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Battle of 1st Kernstown
Union Official Records

Brig. Gen. James Shields

Commander Division 5th Army Corps

Surgeon William S. King

Medical Director 5th Army Corps

Union Casualties


Maj. R. Morris Copeland

Assistant Adjutant-General

Capt. R. C. Shriber


Lt. William R. Rowley

28th New York Infantry

Col. Thorton F. Brodhead

1st Michigan Cavalry, Chief of Cavalry

Lt. Col. Joseph T. Copeland

First Michigan Cavalry

Capt. Andrew J. Greenfield

Pennsylvania Cavalry

Lt. Col. Philip Daum

Chief of Artillery

Col. Nathan Kimball

14th Indiana Infantry, Commander 1st Brigade

Lt. Col. Williams Harrow

14th Indiana Infantry

Col. Samuel S. Carroll

8 Ohio Infantry

Lt. Col. Franklin Sawyer

8 Ohio Infantry

Lt. Col. Alvin C. Voris

67th Ohio Infantry

Col. Jeremiah C. Sullivan

13th Indiana Infantry, Commander 2nd Brigade

Col. Robert S. Foster

13th Indiana Infantry

Lt. George H. Whitcamp

Acting Adjutant 5th Ohio Infantry

Col. Erastus B. Tyler

7th Ohio Infantry, Commander 3rd Brigade

Col. William D. Lewis, Jr.

110th Pennsylvania Infantry


Abstract from "Record of Events"

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