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Battle of Shiloh
Union Official Records Army of Tennessee

Official Records 1 - 28

Halleck's OR

Commander, Department of the Mississippi

​Forces and Return of Casualties

Grant's OR

Commander, Army of the Tennessee

McClernand's OR

Commander, First Division

Hare's OR

Eleventh Iowa Infantry, Commander First Brigade of First Division

Crocker's OR

Thirteenth Iowa Infantry, Commander First Brigade of First Division

Sturgess' OR

Eighth Illinois Infantry

Anderson's OR

Eighteenth Illinois Infantry

Hall's OR

Eleventh Iowa Infantry

Crocker's OR

Thirteenth Iowa Infantry

Marsh's OR

Twentieth Illinois, Commander Second Brigade

Ransom's OR

Eleventh Illinois Infantry

Ryan's OR

Seventeenth Illinois Infantry, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General, Third Brigade

Wood's OR

Seventeenth Illinois Infantry

Engelmann's OR

Forty-third Illinois Infantry

Nispel's OR

Battery E, Second Illinois Light Artillery

McArthur's OR

Commander, Second Division

Tuttle's OR

Second Iowa Infantry, Commander Second Division and First Brigade

Parrott's OR

Seventh Iowa Infantry

Woods' OR

Twelfth Iowa Infantry

Shaw's OR

Fourteenth Iowa Infantry

Mersy's OR

Ninth Illinois Infantry (of the Second Brigade, Second Division)

Chetlain's OR

Twelfth Illinois Infantry

Hugunin's OR

Twelfth Illinois Infantry

Wrights' OR

Thirteenth Missouri Infantry

Compton's OR

Fourteenth Missouri Infantry

Morton's OR

Eighty-first Ohio Infantry

Rowett's OR

Seventh Illinois Infantry

Official Records 29 - 57

Healy's OR

Fifty-eighth Illinois Infantry

Geddes' OR

Eight Iowa Infantry

Richardson's OR

Battery D, First Missouri Light Artillery

Welker's OR

Battery H, First Missouri Light Artillery

Powell's OR

Eighteenth U. S. Infantry, Commander Detachment Second and Fourth U. S. Cavalry

Wallace's OR

Commander, Third Division

McGinnis' OR

Eleventh Indiana Infantry

Hovey's OR

Twenty-fourth Indiana Infantry

Thayer's OR

First Nebraska Infantry, Commander Second Brigade

Sanderson's OR

Twenty-third Indiana Infantry

McCord's OR

First Nebraska Infantry

Bausenwein's OR

Fifty-eighth Ohio Infantry

Whittlesey's OR

Twentieth Ohio Infantry, Commander Third Brigade

Force's OR

Twentieth Ohio Infantry

Hurlbut's OR

Commander, Fourth Division

Pugh's OR

Forty-first Illinois Infantry, Commander, First Brigade, Fourth Division

Johnson's OR

Twenty-eighth Illinois Infantry

Logan's OR

Thirty-second Illinois Infantry

Campbell's OR

Thirty-second Illinois Infantry

Warner's OR

Forty-first Illinois Infantry

Trumbull's OR

Third Iowa Infantry

Veatch's OR

Twenty-fifth Indiana Infantry, Commander Second Brigade, Fourth Division

Hall's OR

Fourteenth Illinois Infantry

Cam's OR

Fourteenth Illinois Infantry

Kelley's OR

Fifteenth Illinois Volunteers

Davis' OR

Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry

Foster's OR

Twenty-fifth Illinois Infantry

Lauman's OR

Commander, Third Brigade

Cruft's OR

Thirty-first Indiana Infantry

Official Records 57 - 86

Osborn's OR

Thirty-first Indiana Infantry

Reed's OR

Forty-fourth Infantry

McHenry's OR

Seventeenth Kentucky Infantry

Bristow's OR

Twenty-fifth Kentucky Infantry

Wall's OR

Twenty-fifth Kentucky Infantry

Laing's OR

Second Michigan Battery

Brotzmann's OR

Mann's Battery, Missouri Light Artillery

Sherman's OR

Commander, Fifth Division

McDowell's OR

Sixth Iowa Infantry, Commander First Brigade

Williams' OR

Sixth Iowa Infantry

Stuart's OR

Fifth-fifth Illinois Infantry, Commander Second Brigade

Mason's OR

Seventy-first Ohio Infantry

Hildebrand's OR

Seventy-seventh Ohio Infantry, Commander Third Brigade

Fulton's OR

Fifty-third Ohio Infantry

Buckland's OR

Seventy-second Ohio Infantry, Commander Fourth Brigade

Parker's OR

Forty-eighth Ohio Infantry

Cockerill's OR

Seventieth Ohio Infantry

Taylor's OR

First Illinois Light Artillery, Chief of Artillery, Fifth Division

Barrett's OR

Battery B, First Illinois Light Artillery

Fitch's OR

Battery E, First Illinois Light Artillery

Prentiss' OR

Commander, Sixth Division

Quinn's OR

Twelfth Michigan Infantry, Commander Sixth Division

Moore's OR

Twenty-first Missouri Infantry

Woodyard's OR

Twenty-first Missouri Infantry

Van Horn's OR

Twenty-fifth Missouri Infantry

Allen's OR

Sixteenth Wisconsin Infantry

Chambers' OR

Sixteenth Iowa Infantry

Reid's OR

Fifteenth Iowa Infantry

Quin Morton

Twenty-third Missouri Infantry

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