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Maj. Gen. John S. Bowen





Born: October 30, 1830

Bowen's Creek, Georgia

Died: July 13, 1863

Edwards, Mississippi

1853: Brevet 2nd Lieut.

March 1, 1861: Captain

April 15, 1861: Lieut. Colonel

June 11, 1861: Colonel

March 14, 1862: Brig. General

May 25, 1863: Maj. General

Bowen in the uniform of a lieutenant colonel of the Missouri Volunteer Militia

1853: West Point Graduate 13th out of 52

1853: Brevet 2nd Lieutenant in U.S. Regiment Rifles

Army Cavalry School at Carlisle, Pennsylvania

1855: Transferred to Jefferson Barracks

Early 1855: Reassigned to Fort McIntosh, Texas

Resigned from Army due to loneliness

Lieutenant Colonel in Georgia Militia

1861: Appointed as lieutenant colonel commanding MVM's Southwest Battalion

Captured at Camp Jackson. While waiting to be exchanged, promoted to Colonel

June 11, 1861: Recruiter and organized the 1st Missouri Infantry


March 14, 1862: Promoted to Brigadier General

May 6-7, 1862: Battle of Shiloh

October 3-4, 1862: 2nd Battle of Corinth

Assigned to construct naval batteries near Grand Gulf

May 1, 1863: Battle of Port Gibson

May 16, 1863: Battle of Champion Hill

May 17, 1863: Battle of Big Black River Bridge

May 25, 1863: Promoted to Major General

Helped ease negotiations for the Confederate surrender at Vicksburg

Succumbed to dysentery and passed away near Edwards, Mississippi

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