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Battle of Gettysburg
Union Official Records 70 thru 138

Col. Francis V. Randall

13th Vermont Infantry

Col. Charles S. Wainwright

1st New York Light Artillery

Commander, Artillery Brigade

Capt. James A. Hall

2nd Maine Battery

Lieut. Edward N. Whittier

5th Maine  Battery

Lieut. George Breck

Battery L, 1st New York Light Artillery

Capt. James H. Cooper

Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery

Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock

Commander, 2nd Corps

Brig. Gen. John C. Caldwell

Commander, 1st Division

Col. H. Boyd McKeen

81st Pennsylvania Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Maj. Richard E. Cross

5th New Hampshire Infantry

Lieut. Col. K. Oscar Broady

61st New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Amos Stroh

81st Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Patrick Kelly

88th New York Infantry

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Col. Richard Byrnes

28th Massachusetts Infantry

Capt. Thomas Touhy

63rd New York Infantry

Lieut. James J. Smith

69th New York Infantry

Capt. Denis F. Burke

88th New York Infantry

Maj. St. Clair A. Mulholland

116th Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. John Fraser

114th Pennsylvania Infantry

Commander, Regiment and 3rd Brigade

Capt. William Scherrer

52nd New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Alfred B. Chapman

57th New York Infantry

Maj. Peter Nelson

66th New York Infantry

Col. John R. Brooke

53rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Commander, 4th Brigade

Col. William P. Baily

2nd Delaware Infantry

Maj. Leman W. Bradley

64th New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Richards McMichael

53rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Capt. John W. Reynolds

145th Pennsylvania Infantry

Capt. Moses W. Oliver

145th Pennsylvania Infantry

Brig. Gen. John Gibbon

Commander, 2nd Division

Brig. Gen. William Harrow

Commander, 2nd Division

Col. Francis E. Heath

19th Maine Infantry

Lieut. Col. George C. Joslin

15th Massachusetts Infantry

Capt. Henry C. Coates

1st Minnesota Infantry

Capt. John Darrow

82nd New York Infantry (2nd Militia)

Brig. Gen. Alexander S. Webb

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Capt. William Davis

69th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. R. Penn Smith

71st Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. Theodore Hesser

72nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. William L. Carey

106th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Norman J. Hall

7th Michigan Infantry

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Col. Arthur F. Devereux

19th Massachusetts Infantry

Capt. Henry L. Abbott

20th Massachusetts Infantry

Maj. Sylvanus W. Curtis

7th Michigan Infantry

Col. James E. Mallon

42nd New York Infantry

Capt. William McFadden

59th New York Infantry

Brig. Gen. Alexander Hayes

Commander, 3rd Division

Col. Samuel S. Carroll

8th Ohio Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. John Coons

14th Indiana Infantry

Capt. Nathan Willard

14th Indiana Infantry

Commander, Pioneer Corps

Lieut. Col. Leonard W. Carpenter

4th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Franklin Sawyer

8th Ohio Infantry

Capt. Alfred T. Craig

8th Ohio  Infantry

Commander, Provost Guard

Lieut. Col. Jonathan H. Lockwood

7th West Virginia Infantry

Col. Thomas A. Smyth

1st Delaware Infantry

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Maj. Theodore O. Ellis

14th Connecticut Infantry

Lieut. John T. Dent

1st Delaware Infantry

Maj. John T. Hill

12th New Jersey Infantry

Maj. George F. Hopper

10th New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. James M. Bull

126th New York Infantry

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Col. Clinton D. MacDougall

111th New York Infantry

Capt. Aaron P. Seely

111th New York Infantry

Lieut. Harry L. Haskill

125th New York Infantry

Capt. John G. Hazard

1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Commander, Artillery Brigade

Maj. Gen. David B. Birney

Commander, 1st Division

Maj. Gen. William H. French

Commander, III Corps

Brig. Gen. J. H. Hobart Ward

Commander, 2nd Brigade & 1st Division

Capt. Alanson H. Nelson

57th Pennsylvania Infantry

Maj. John A. Danks

63rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Andrew H. Tappen

68th Pennsylvania Infantry

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