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Fort's Jackson and St. Philip

with the Capture of New Orleans

​Confederate Commander

Maj. Gen. Mansfield Lovell

​Forces Engaged: 4,100

Killed: 12

Wounded: 40

Captured or Missing: 121

Total: 173

April 16 - May 1, 1862

Orleans Parish and St. Bernard Parish, LA

Union Victory

Expedition to and Capture of New Orleans

Confederate Officers


Confederate Order of Battle

Confederate Official Records

Maj. Gen. Mansfield Lovell

C. S. Army

Brig. Gen. Johnson K. Duncan

Bombardment and Surrender of Forts Jackson and St. Philip

Lieut. Col. Edward Higgins

Bombardment and Capture of Forts Jackson and St. Philip

Capt. M. T. Squires

Louisiana Artillery

Brig. Gen. M. L. Smith

Operations on the Chalmette and McGehee Lines

Proceedings of the Court of Inquiry upon the fall of New Orleans


Confederate Naval Official Records

Confederate Naval Ships


Correspondence between Flag-Officer Mitchell, CSN and Brig. Gen. Duncan, CSA


Board of Inquiry

Map of Fort St. Philip
Richmond Daily Dispatch

​Forces Engaged:



Captured or Missing:


Union Officers


Union Order of Battle

Union Navy Order of Battle

Mortar Flotilla Order of Battle

Union Official Records

Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler

Co-operation with the naval forces, and occupation, May 1, of the city of New Orleans

Brig. Gen. John W. Phelps

Occupation of Forts Jackson and St. Philip


Union Naval Official Records

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Reports of Mortar Fleet


Farragut to Mayor of New Orleans


Farragut Concerning the Foreign Embassies


Surrender of the Forts


Notes by Commodore Bell


Commander Porter's Attack Plans

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