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Battle of Chickasaw Bayou
Union Official Records

Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman

Commanding Expedition

Return of Casualties

Capt. William Le B. Jenny


Brig. Gen. Andrew J. Smith

Commander, 1st and 2nd Division

Capt. Peter P. Wood

Battery A, 1st Illinois Light Artillery

Brig. Gen. Stephen S. Burbridge

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. Friend S. Rutherford

97th Illinois Infantry

Col. Giles A. Smith

8th Missouri Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. David Stuart

Commander, 4th Brigade & 2nd Division

Brig. Gen. George W. Morgan

Commander, 3rd Division

Capt. Charles H. Lanphere

Battery G, 1st Michigan Light Artillery

Capt. Jacob T. Foster

1st Wisconsin Battery

Col. Lionel A. Sheldon

42nd Ohio Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Capt. Louis Hoffmann

4th Ohio Battery

Col. Daniel W. Lindsey

22nd Kentucky Infantry

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Col. John D. De. Courcy

16th Ohio Infantry

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Frederick Steele

Commander, 4th Division

Brig. Gen. Frank P. Blair

Commander, 1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. John M. Thayer

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Col. James A. Williamson

4th Iowa Infantry

Col. Charles H. Abbott

13th Iowa Infantry

Acting Rear Admiral David R. Porter

Commander, Mississippi Squadron

Col. Charles R. Ellet

Operations of Ram Fleet

Capt. Edwin W. Sutherland

Commander, Queen of the West

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