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Battle of Brandy Station

Confederate Commander

Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart

Forces Engaged: 9,500

Killed: 51

Wounded: 250

Captured or Missing: 132

Total Casualties: 433

Confederate Officers

Brig. Gen. William E. Jones

Brig. Gen. William H. F. Lee

Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton

Brig. Gen. Beverly H. Robertson

Confederate Order of Battle

Confederate Official Records

June 9, 1863

Culpeper County, Virginia


Confederate Tactical Victory

Union Morale Victory

Also called Battle of Fleetwood Hill

Forces Engaged: 11,000

Killed: 81

Wounded: 403

Captured or Missing: 382

Total Casualties: 866

Union Officers

Brig. John Buford

Brig. Gen. Adelbert Ames

Brig. Gen. David McM. Gregg

Brig. Gen. David A. Russell

Union Order of Battle

Union Official Records

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