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Battle of Shiloh
Army of Tennessee Union Official Records

Official Records 87 - 102

Buell's OR

Commander, Army of the Ohio

Murray's OR

Medical Director

Gilman's OR

Nineteenth U. S. Infantry, Inspector of Artillery

McCook's OR

Commander, Second Division

Rousseau's OR

Commander, Fourth Brigade

Crittenden's OR

Sixth Indiana Infantry

King's OR

Fifteenth U. S. Infantry, Commander Battalion of Fifteenth and Sixteenth U. S. Infantry

Swaine's OR

Fifteenth U. S. Infantry

Townsend's OR

Sixteenth U. S. Infantry

Carpenter's OR

Nineteenth U. S. Infantry

Gibson's OR

Forty-ninth Ohio Infantry, Commander Sixth Brigade

Willich's OR

Thirty-second Indiana Infantry

Harrison's OR

Thirty-ninth Indiana Infantry

Wallace's OR

Fifteenth Ohio Infantry

Blackman's OR

Forty-ninth Ohio Infantry

Terrill's OR

Fifth U. S. Artillery, Chief of Artillery, Second Division

Official Records 103 - 118

Nelson's OR

Commanding Fourth Division

Ammen's OR

Twenty-fourth Ohio Infantry, Commander, Tenth Brigade

Grose's OR

Thirty-sixth Indiana Infantry

Anderson's OR

Sixth Ohio Infantry

Jones' OR

Twenty-fourth Ohio Infantry

Hazen's OR

Forty-first Ohio Infantry, Commander, Nineteenth Brigade

Moody's OR

Ninth Indiana Infantry

Whitaker's OR

Sixth Kentucky Infantry

Mygatt's OR

Forty-first Ohio Infantry

Bruce's OR

Twentieth Kentucky Infantry, Commander Twenty-second Brigade

Enyart's OR

First Kentucky Infantry

Sedgewick's OR

Second Kentucky Infantry

Hanson's OR

Twentieth Kentucky Infantry

McCook's OR

Second Indiana Cavalry

Crittenden's OR

Commander, Fifth Division

Boyle's OR

Commander, Eleventh Brigade

Official Records 119 - 133

Grider's OR

Ninth Kentucky Infantry

Hobson's OR

Thirteenth Kentucky Infantry

Beatty's OR

Nineteenth Ohio Infantry

Fyffe's OR

Fifty-ninth Ohio Infantry

Smith's OR

Thirteenth Ohio Infantry, Commander, Fourteenth Brigade

Hawkins' OR

Eleventh Kentucky Infantry

Maxwell's OR

Twenty-sixth Kentucky Infantry

Hawkins' OR

Thirteenth Ohio Infantry

Wood's OR

Fourteenth Wisconsin Infantry

Mendenhall's OR

Fourth U. S. Artillery, Chief of Artillery, Fifth Division

Bartlett's OR

Battery G, First Ohio Light Artillery

Wood's OR

Commander, Sixth Division

Garfield's OR

Commander, Twentieth Brigade

Wagner's OR

Fifteenth Indiana Infantry, Commander, Twenty-first Brigade

Stanton's Letter

Congratulatory Orders from the Secretary of  War

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