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Battle of Jonesborough
Union Order of Battle

Military Division of the Mississippi

Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman

Chief of Artillery

Brig. Gen. William F. Barry

Chief of Staff

Col. Joseph D. Webster



7th Company, Ohio Sharpshooters

Lieut. William McCory

Army of the Tennessee

Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard

XV Corps

Maj. Gen. John A. Logan


1st Division

Brig. Gen. Peter J. Osterhaus


1st Brigade

Col. Milo Smith


26th Iowa Infantry

Col. Milo Smith

30th Iowa Infantry

Col. William M. G. Torrence

27th Missouri Infantry

Col. Thomas Curley

76th Ohio Infantry

Col. William B. Woods


2nd Brigade

Col. James A. Williamson (w)


4th Iowa Infantry

Col. James A. Williamson

25th Iowa Infantry


31st Iowa Infantry

Lieut. Col. Jeremiah W. Jenkins


3rd Brigade

Col. Hugo von Wangelin


3rd Missouri Infantry


17th Missouri Infantry

Col. John F. Cramer

29th Missouri Infantry

Col. Joseph S. Gage

31st Missouri Infantry

Maj. Frederick Jaenson

32nd Missouri Infantry

Col. Abraham J. Seay



Maj. Clemens Landgraeber


Battery F, 2nd Missouri Light

Capt. Clemens Landgraeber


2nd Division

Brig. Gen. William B. Hazen


1st Brigade

Col. Theodore Jones


55th Illinois Infantry

Capt. Cyrus M. Browne

116th Illinois Infantry

Capt. James S. Windsor

6th Missouri Infantry

Lieut. Col. Delos Van Deusen

8th Missouri Infantry


30th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. George H. Hilot

57th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Samuel R. Mott


2nd Brigade

Col. Wells S. Jones


83rd Indiana Infantry

Capt. Benjamin North

11th Illinois Infantry

Col. Jones S. Martin

37th Ohio Infantry

Capt. Carl Moritz

47th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Thomas T. Taylor

53rd Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Robert A. Fulton

54th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Israel T. Moore



Capt. Francis DeGress


Battery H, 1st Illinois Light

Capt. Francis DeGress


4th Division

Brig. Gen. William Harrow


1st Brigade

Col. John M. Oliver


12th Indiana Infantry

Col. Reuben Williams

99th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. John M. Berkey

48th Illinois Infantry

Col. Thomas L. Weems

90th Illinois Infantry

Capt. Daniel O’Connor

15th Michigan Infantry

Col. Frederick S. Hutchinson

70th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Henry L. Phillips


2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Charles C. Walcutt


26th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Robert A. Gilmore

40th Illinois Infantry

Capt. William Stewart

100th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Albert Heath

103rd Illinois Infantry

Maj. Asias Willison

6th Iowa Infantry


46th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Isaac N. Alexander


XVI Corps

Brig. Gen. Thomas E. G. Ransom


1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. Elliott W. Rice


52nd Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Edwin A. Bowen

66th Indiana Infantry

Capt. Alfred Morris

2nd Iowa Infantry

Maj. Matthew G. Hamill

7th Iowa Infantry

Capt. Samuel Mahon


2nd Brigade

Col. Robert N. Adams


9th Illinois Mounted Cavalry

Col. Augustus Mersy

12th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Henry Van Sellar

66th Illinois (Western Sharpshooters)

Capt. William S. Boyd

81st Ohio Infantry

Capt. William C. Henry



Capt. Frederick Welker


Battery H, 1st Missouri Light Artillery

Lieut. Andrew T. Blodgett


4th Division

Brig. Gen. John W. Fuller


1st Brigade

Lieut. Col. Henry T. McDowell

64th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Michael W. Manning

18th Missouri Infantry

Lieut. Col. Charles S. Sheldon

27th Ohio Infantry

Col. John Wallace Fuller

39th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Henry T. McDowell


2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. John W. Sprague


43rd Ohio Infantry

Col. Wager Swayne

25th Wisconsin Infantry

Lieut. Col. Jeremiah Mc. Rusk



Capt. Jerome B. Burrows


14th Ohio Light Battery

Lieut. Seth M. Laird

Battery F, 2nd U.S. Artillery

Lieut. Limuel Smith

XVII Corps

Maj. Gen. Francis P. Blair, Jr.


3rd Division

Brig. Gen. Charles R. Woods


1st Brigade

Col. George E. Bryant


20th Illinois Infantry

Col. Daniel Bradley

30th Illinois Infantry

Col. Warren Shedd

31st Illinois Infantry

Col. Edwin S. McCook

45th Illinois Infantry

Col. John O. Duer

12th Wisconsin Infantry

Col. George E. Bryant


2nd Brigade

Lieut. Col. Greenbury F. Wiles


20th Ohio Infantry

Capt. Francis M. Shaklee

68th Ohio Infantry

Col. Samuel H. Steedman

78th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Greenbury F. Wiles



Capt. William S. Williams


Battery D, 1st Illinois Light

Lieut. Matthew W. Borland

Battery H, 1st Michigan Light

Lieut. William H. Justin

3rd Ohio Battery

Capt. William S. Williams


4th Division

Brig. Gen. Giles A. Smith


1st Brigade

Col. Benjamin Potts


32nd Illinois Infantry


23rd Indiana Infantry

Col. William L. Sanderson

53rd Indiana Infantry

Col. Warner L. Vestal

3rd Iowa (3 Companies)


32nd Ohio Infantry

Col. Benjamin Potts


3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. William Worth Belknap


11th Iowa Infantry


13th Iowa Infantry


15th Iowa Infantry

Col. Hugh T. Reid

16th Iowa Infantry

Col. Alexander Chambers



Capt. William Clayton


Battery F, 2nd Illinois Light

Maj. John W. Powell

Battery C, 1st Missouri Light

Capt. John L. Matthael

15th Ohio Light Battery

Capt. Edward Spear, Jr.

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