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Maj. Gen. Stonewall Jackson's
Forces in Operations
May 20th-June 10th, 1862

First Brigade

Brig. Gen. Charles S. Winder

2nd Virginia

Col. J. W. Allen

4th Virginia

Col. Charles A. Ronald

5th Virginia

Col. W. S. H. Baylor

Lieut. Col. J. H. S. Funk

27th Virginia

Col. A. J. Grigsby

33rd Virginia

Col. John F. Neff

Second Brigade

Col. J. A. Campbell (w)

Col. John M. Patton

21st Virginia

Col. John M. Patton

Lieut. Col. R. H. Cunningham

42nd Virginia

Maj. Henry Lane (w)

Capt. John E. Penn

Lieut. Col. William Martin

48th Virginia

Captain Samuel Hale (w)

Maj. J. G. Moseley

Lieut. Col. Thomas S. Garnett

1st Virginia (Irish) Battalion

Capt. B. W. Leigh

Maj. John Seddon

Third Brigade

Col. Samuel V. Fulkerson

Brig. Gen. William B. Taliaferro

10th Virginia

Col. E. T. H. Warren

23rd Virginia

Col. A. G. Taliaferro

Lieut. Col. George W. Curtis

37th Virginia

Maj. T. V. Williams

Col. Samuel V. Fulkerson


Col. S. Crutchfield

(Chief of Artillery of Jackson's

  entire command)

Virginia Battery

Capt. Joseph Carpenter

Virginia Battery

(joined at Port Republic)

Capt. James McD. Carrington

Virginia Battery

Capt. W. E. Cutshaw (w)

Lieut. John C. Carpenter

Virginia Battery

Capt. William T. Poague

Virginia Battery

Capt. George W. Wooding

Ewell's Division

Maj. Gen. Richard S. Ewell

Second Brigade

Brig. Gen. George H. Steuart (w)

Col. W. C. Scott

1st  Maryland

(assigned to brigade June 6th)

Col. Bradley T. Johnson

44th Virginia

Col. W. C. Scott

52nd Virginia

Lieut. Col. James H. Skinner

58th Virginia

Col. Samuel H. Letcher

Fourth Brigade

Brig. Gen. Arnold Elzey (w)

Col. J. A. Walker

13th Virginia

Col. J. A. Walker

31st Virginia

Col. John S. Hoffman

25th Virginia

Lieut. Col. Patrick S. Duffy

12th Georgia

Col. Z. T. Conner

7th Brigade

Brig. Gen. Isaac R. Trimble

21st North Carolina

Col. J. T. Mercer

15th Alabama

Col. James Cantey

16th Mississippi

Col. Carnot Posey (w)

Eighth Brigade

Brig. Gen. Richard Taylor

6th Louisiana

Col Isaac G. Seymour

7th Louisiana

Col. H. T. Hays (w)

Maj. David B. Penn

8th Louisiana

Col. H. B. Kelly

9th Louisiana

Col. Leroy A. Stafford

Louisiana Battalion

Maj. C. R. Wheat

Maryland Line

(Attached to Second Brigade

June 6th)

Brig. Gen. George H. Steuart

1st Infantry

Col. Bradley T. Johnson

Company A Cavalry

Capt. Ridgely Brown

Baltimore Battery

Capt. J. B. Brockenbrough


Virginia Battery

Lieut.J. W. Latimer

Capt. A. R. Courtney

Virginia Battery

Capt. John A. M. Lusk

Virginia Battery

Capt. Charles I Raine

Virginia Battery

Capt. William H. Rice


Col. Thomas S. Flournoy

Brig. Gen. George H. Ssteuart

Brig. Gen. Turner Ashby (k)

Col. Thomas T. Munford

2nd Virginia

Lieut. Col. James W. Watts

Col. T. Munford

6th Virginia

Col. Thomas S. Flournoy

7th Virginia

Col. Turner Ashaby

(promoted Brig. Gen. May 23rd)

Virginia Battery

Bapt R. P. Chew

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