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Battle of Second Kernstown
Union Official Records

Bvt. Maj. Gen. George Crook

Department of West Virginia

Return of Casualties at Kernstown

Col. Joseph Thoburn

1st West Virginia Infantry

Commander, 1st Infantry Division

Col. George D. Wells

34th Massachusetts Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Capt. Herman L. Emmons, Jr.

5th New York Heavy Artillery

Col. William S. Ely

18th Connecticut Infantry

Maj. Enoch D. Yutzy

54th Pennsylvania Infantry

Maj. Henry H. Withers

10th West Virginia Infantry

Capt. James W. Myers

11th West Virginia Infantry

Maj. Milton Wells

15th West Virginia Infantry

Col. Isaac H. Duval

9th West Virginia Infantry

Commander, 2nd Infantry Division

Col. Rutherford B. Hayes

23rd Ohio Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. Daniel D. Johnson

14tth West Virginia Infantry

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Lieut. Col. Benjamin F. Coates

91st Ohio Infantry

Col. Thomas M. Harris

10th West Virginia Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. Alfred N. Duffie

Commander, 1st Cavalry Division

Brig. Gen. William W. Averell

Commander, 2nd Cavalry Division

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