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Battle of Sabine Crossroads
Union Official Records

Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks

Department of the Gulf

Lieut. Col. John G. Chandler

Acting Chief Quartermaster

Capt. Frank W. Marston

Chief Signal Officer

Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin

Commander, XIX & Detachment of XIII Corps

Brig. Gen. Thomas E. G. Ransom

Commander, Detachment of XIII Corps

Maj. Bradford Hancock

29th Wisconsin  Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Itinerary of the Brigade

Col. William H. Raynor

56th Ohio Infantry

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Maj. Edward Wright

24th Iowa Infantry

Capt. Thomas Dillon

28th Iowa Infantry

Capt. Maschil Manning

56th Ohio Infantry

Col. William J. Landram

19th  Kentucky Infantry

Commander, 4th Division

Itinerary of the 4th Division

Maj. John A. Burdett

77th Illinois Infantry

Maj. Francis A. Sears

67th Indiana Infantry

Capt. William T. Cummins

19th Kentucky Infantry

Maj. Joseph E. Greene

23rd Wisconsin Infantry

Capt. Daniel De Camp

113th Illinois Infantry

Capt. James  R. Lynch

48th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. William H. Baldwin

83rd Ohio Infantry

Capt. Joseph Leonard

96th Ohio Infantry

Brig. Gen. William H. Emory

Commander, 1st Division & XIX Corps

Brig. Gen. James W. McMillan

Commander, 2nd Brigade & 1st Division

Itinerary of Division

Brig. Gen. William Dwight

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. Edwin P. Davis

153rd New York Infantry

Itinerary of the 2nd Brigade

Itinerary of the 3rd Brigade

Col. Francis Fessenden

30th Maine Infantry

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Lieut. Col. Thomas H. Hubbard

30th Maine Infantry

Itinerary of the Cavalry Division

Department of the Gulf

Brig. Gen. Albert L. Lee

Commander, Cavalry Division

Capt. Ormond F. Nims

2nd Massachusetts Infantry

Capt. Francis H. Whittier

30th Massachusetts Infantry

Acting Assistant Quartmaster

4th Cavalry Brigade

Capt. William Davis

18th New York Cavalry

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