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Maj. Gen. John Palmer

Born: September 13, 1817

Eagle  Creek, Kentucky

Died: September 25, 1900

Springfield, Illinois





1861: Colonel

December 20, 1861: Brigadier General

November 29, 1862: Major General

Maj. Gen.. John Palmer

1852-1855: Democratic member of Illinois Senate

1861: Enlisted and commissioned as Colonel of the 14th Illinois Infantry

December 20, 1861: Promoted to Brigadier General and assigned to a brigade under Gen. Pope

March 10, 1862: Battle of New Madrid and Island #10, commanding division in the latter campaign

Became ill and returned home. Raised a new regiment, the 122nd Illinois Infantry

Assigned by Gen. Rosecrans to command the 1st Division of the Army of the Mississippi in Alabama and Tennessee

November 29, 1862: Promoted to Major General of Volunteers

December 31, 1862-January 2, 1863: Battle of Stones River

September 19-20, 1863: Battle of Chickamauga

November 23 - 25, 1863: Commanded the XIV Corps of thee Army of the Cumberland during the Chattanooga Campaign


Served under Maj. Gen. George Henry Thomas in the  Atlanta Campaign

August 1864: Part of Sherman's movement at the Railroads at East Point

Corps was placed under Maj. Gen. Schofield to cross North Utoy Creek

Palmer resigned over the controversy of who outranked Schofield

August 1864: Relieved of command at his own request. Maj. Gen. Sherman had placed lower ranking Maj. Gen. Schofield as his superiors. After Sherman researched the information, he stuck with Schofield

In early 1865, assigned to command all forces in Kentucky

1868: Elected Governor of Illinois on Republican ticket

1891-1897: U.S. Senator from Illinois

1896: Presidential candidate for the National Democratic Party

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