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Maj. Gen. Franklin Gardner



Born: January 29, 1823

New York City, New York

Died: April 29, 1873

Lafayette, Louisiana


1843: West Point Graduate

1843: 2nd Lieutenant

September 1846: Brevet 2nd Lieutenant

September 1847: Brevet Captain

1861: Dropped from Army roles

1861: Lieutenant Colonel CSA

April 11, 1862: Brigadier General

December 13, 1862: Major General

Maj. Gen. Franklin Gardner, CSA

1843: West Point Graduate 17 out of 39

1843: 2nd Lieutenant in 7th Infantry in Pensacola, Florida

1846-1848: Mexican-American War

September 21-23, 1846: Battle of Monterrey

Received Brevet appointment to 1st Lieutenant

March 9-29, 1847: Siege of Veracruz

August 20, 1847: Battle of Churobusco

September 8, 1847: Battle of Molino del Rey

Brevet to Captain

March 1855: Promoted to Captain in 10th U.S. Infantry

1847-1853: Regimental Adjutant

1861: Dropped from the rolls off the U.S. Army

Initially commissioned as a Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry CSA

Was assigned a brigade of Cavalry in the Army of the Mississippi and served at Shiloh

April 11, 1862: Promoted to Brigadier General

Named Chief of Cavalry by Gen. Beauregard

October 8, 1862: Battle of Perryville

December 13, 1862: Promoted to Maj. General and assigned command fortifications at Port Hudson

August 1864: Paroled

Received command of District of Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana serving under Lieutenant General Richmond Taylor

May 11, 1865: Surrendered with his department was paroled at Meridian, Mississippi

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