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Maj. Gen. Benjamin Huger





Born: November 22, 1805

Charleston, South Carolina

Died: December 7, 1877

Charleston, South Carolina

1825: West Point Graduate

July 1, 1825: Brevet 2nd Lieutenant

July 1, 1825: 2nd Lieutenant

May 30, 1832: Captain

March 29, 1847: Brevet Major

September 8, 1847: Brevet Lieutenant Colonel

September 13, 1847: Brevet Colonel

April 22, 1861: Resigned USA

March 16, 1861: Lieutenant Colonel


May 22, 1861: Brig. General (CSA)

October 7, 1861: Maj. General (CSA)

Major General Benjamin Huger, CSA

1825: West Point Graduate - 8th out of 37

July 1, 1825: Brevet 2nd Lieutenant

July 1, 1825: Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in the 3rd U.S. Artillery

Served in topographical engineers until 1828

1828-1830: Took leave to visit Europe

1831: Recruiting duty which he served part of at Fort Trumball garrison in New London, Connecticut

1832-1839: Commander of Fort Monroe arsenal

May 30, 1832: Transferred to Army's Ordnance Department - Promoted to Captain

1839-1846: Served as member of U.S. Army Ordinance Board

1840-1841: Official Duty in Europe

1841-1846: Commanded Fort Monroe Arsenal

1846-1848: Mexican/American War

March 9-29, 1847: Command of siege train during the Siege of Veracruz

March 29, 1847: Promoted to Brevet Major

September 8, 1847: Battle of Molino del Rey - Promoted to Brevet Lieutenant Colonel

September 13, 1847: Promoted to Brevet Colonel - Battle of Chapultepec

1848-1851: Commanded Fort Monroe Arsenal

1851-1854: Commanded Harper's Ferry Arsenal

1854-1860: Commanded arsenal at Pikesville in Baltimore County, Maryland

1860-Apring 1861: Commanded Charleston Arsenal until resigning in Spring 1861

April 22, 1861: Resigned U.S. Army commission

March 16, 1861: Lieutenant Colonel of infantry in regular Confederate army

Briefly commanded forces in and around Norfolk, Virginia

May 22, 1861: Appointed Brigadier General in state's militia

Department of Norfolk responsible for the defense of North Carolina and Southern Virginia. His headquarters were in Norfolk

June 1861: Commissioned a Brigadier General in the Virginia Provisional Army

October 7, 1861: Promoted to Major General

April 27, 1862: Ordered by Gen. Johnston to abandon Norfolk

May 31-June1, 1862: Battle of Seven Pines - was supposed to place his command under Gen. Longstreet, but was not notified. This confusion prevented his troops participating

June 25-July 1, 1862: Seven Days Battles

June 25, 1862: Battle of Oak Grove

July 1, 1862: Last fight with the Army of Northern Virginia

July 12, 1862: Relieved of Command

Served as assistant General of Artillery

August 1862: Transferred to Confederate Trans-Mississippi Department

Considered to old for field duties, spent the remainder in administration duties

July 1863: Promoted to command all ordinance in the department

June 12, 1865: Paroled

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