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Battle of Jonesborough
Union Order of Battle

Military Division of the Mississippi

Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman

Chief of Artillery

Brig. Gen. William F. Barry

Chief of Staff

Col. Joseph D. Webster



7th Company, Ohio Sharpshooters

Lieut. William McCory

Army of the Cumberland

Maj. Gen. George Henry Thomas

Chief of Staff

Brig. Gen. William D. Whipple

Chief of Artillery

Brig. Gen. John M. Brannon

IV Corps

Maj. Gen. David S. Stanley


1st Division

Brig. Gen. Nathan Kimball


1st Brigade

Col. Isaac M. Kirby


21st Illinois Infantry

Capt. William H. Jamison

38th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. William T. Chapman

31st Indiana Infantry

Col. John Thomas Smith

81st Indiana Infantry

Col. Oliver P. Anderson

90th Ohio Infantry

Col. Charles H. Rippey

101st Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Bedan B. McDonald


2nd Brigade

Col. Jacob E. Taylor


96th Illinois Infantry

Maj. George Hicks

115th Illinois Infantry

Col. Jesse Hale Moore

35th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Augustus G. Tassin

21st Kentucky Infantry

Col. Samuel W. Price

40th Ohio Infantry

Col. Jacob E. Taylor

51st Ohio Infantry

Col. Richard W. McClain


3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. William Grose


75th Illinois Infantry

Col. John E. Bennett

84th Illinois Infantry

Col. Lewis H. Waters

9th Indiana Infantry

Col. Isaac C. D. Suman

30th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Orrin D. Hurd

36th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. John P. Swisher

84th Indiana Infantry

Capt. John Taylor

77th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Thomas E. Rose



Capt. Theodore Thomasson


5th Indiana Light Artillery

Lieut. Daniel H. Chandler

Independent Battery B, Pennsylvania Light Artillery

Capt. Jacob Ziegler


2nd Division

Brig. Gen. John Newton


1st Brigade

Col. Emerson Opdyke


36th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Porter C. Olson

73rd Illinois Infantry

Maj. Thomas W. Motherspaw

74th Illinois Infantry

Capt. Thomas J. Bryan

88th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. George W. Smith

44th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. John Russell


2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. George D. Wagner

100th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Charles M. Hammond

40th Indiana Infantry

Col. John W. Blake

57th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Willis Blanch

28th Kentucky Infantry

Col. William P. Boone

26th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Norris J. Peatman

97th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Milton Barnes


3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Luther P. Bradley


42nd Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col.. Edgar D. Swain

51st Illinois Infantry

Capt. Albert M. Tilton

3rd Kentucky Infantry

Lieut. Col. William Scott

64th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Robert C. Brown

65th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Orlow Smith

125th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. David H. Moore



Capt. Wilbur Goodspeed


Battery M, 1st Illinois Light Artillery


Battery A, 1st Ohio Light Artillery

Lieut. Charles W. Scovill


3rd Division

Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Wood


1st Brigade

Col. Charles T. Hotchkiss


89th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. William D. Williams

8th Kansas Infantry

Lieut. Col. James M. Graham

15th Ohio Infantry

Col. Frank Askew

49th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Luther Martin Strong

15th Wisconsin Infantry

Lieut. Col. Ole C. Johnson


2nd Brigade

Col. Philip S. Post


59th Illinois Infantry

Col. Sidney Post

93rd Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Daniel Bowman

124th Ohio Infantry

Col. Oliver H. Payne


3rd Brigade

Col. Frederick Knefler


9th Kentucky Infantry

Col. George H. Cram

17th Kentucky Infantry

Col. Alexander Miller Stout

13th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Joseph T. Snider

19th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Henry S. Stratton

59th Ohio Infantry

Capt. Robert H. Higgins



Capt. Cullen Bradley


Bridges’ Illinois Light Battery

Capt. Lyman Bridges

6th Ohio Light Battery

Lieut. Aaron P. Baldwin

Battery M, 1st Ohio Light Battery

Capt. Frederick Schultz

XIV Corp

Brig. Gen. Jefferson C. Davis


1st Division

Brig. Gen. William P. Carlin


1st Brigade

Col. Marion Taylor


104th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Douglas Hapeman

42nd Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. William B. McIntire

88th Indiana Infantry

Col. Cyrus E. Briant

15th Kentucky Infantry

Col. Marion Cartwright Taylor

33rd Ohio Infantry

Capt. Thaddeus A. Minshall

21st Wisconsin Infantry

Maj. Michael H. Fitch


2nd Brigade

Maj. John R. Edie


15th U.S. Infantry (6 Companies)

Capt. Horace Jewett

15th U.S. Infantry (9 Companies)

Capt. William S. McManus

16th U.S. Infantry (4 Companies)

Capt. R. Peabody Barry

18th U.S. Infantry (8 Companies)

Capt. Lymann M. Kellogg (w)

Capt. Robert Hull

19th U.S. Infantry (5 Companies)

Capt. James Mooney


3rd Brigade

Col. Marshall F. Moore


37th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. William D. Ward

38th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Daniel F. Griffin

69th Ohio Infantry

Col. Joseph H. Brigham

74th Ohio Infantry

Col. Josiah Given

79th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Henry A. Hambright

1st Wisconsin Infantry

Lieut. Col. George B. Bingham



Capt. Lucius Drury


Battery M, 1st Illinois Light Battery


Battery I, 1st Ohio Light Battery

Capt. Hubert Dilger


2nd Division

Brig. Gen. James D. Morgan


1st Brigade

Col. Charles M. Lum


16th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. James B. Cahill

60th Illinois Infantry

Col. William B. Anderson

10th Michigan Infantry

Capt. William H. Dunphy

14th Michigan Infantry

Col. Henry R. Mizner

17th New York Infantry

Maj. Joel O. Martin


2nd Brigade

Col. John G. Mitchell


34th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Oscar Van Tasseu

78th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Maria R. Vernon

98th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. John S. Pierce

113th Ohio Infantry

Capt. Toland Jones

121st Ohio Infantry

Col. Henry B. Banning


3rd Brigade

Col. Caleb J. Dilworth (w)

Lieut. Col. James W. Langley


85th Illinois Infantry

Col. Caleb J. Dilworth

86th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Allen L. Fahnestock

110th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. E. Hibbard Topping

125th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. James W. Langley

22nd Indiana Infantry

Capt. William H. Snodgrass

52nd Ohio Infantry

Maj. James T. Holmes



Capt. Charles Barnett


Battery I, 2nd Illinois Light

Lieut. Henry B. Plant


3rd Division

Brig. Gen. Absalom Baird


1st Brigade

Col. Moses B. Walker


82nd Indiana Infantry

Col. Morton C. Hunter

17th Ohio Infantry

Col. Durbin Ward

31st Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Federick W. Lister

89th Ohio Infantry

Col. Caleb H. Carlton

92nd Ohio Infantry

Col. Benjamin D. Fearing


2nd Brigade

Col. Newell Gleason


75th Indiana Infantry

Maj. Cyrus J. McCole

87th Indiana Infantry

Col. Newell Gleason

101st Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Thomas Dorn

2nd Minnesota Infantry

Col. Judson W. Bishop

105th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. George T. Perkins


3rd Brigade

Col. George P. Este (w)


10th Indiana Infantry

Col. Marsh B. Taylor

74th Indiana Infantry

Col. Charles W. Chapman

10th Kentucky Infantry

Col. William H. Hays

14th Ohio Infantry

Col. James B. Steedman

38th Ohio Infantry

Col. William A. Chorte (m,w)

Cavalry Corps

Brig. Gen. Washington Elliott


2nd Division

Brig. Gen. Kenner Garrard


1st Brigade

Col. Robert H. G. Minty


4th Michigan Cavalry

Col. Robert H. G. Minty


2nd Brigade

Col. Beroth Bullard Eggleston


1st Ohio Cavalry

Col. Beroth B. Eggleston

3rd Ohio Cavalry

Capt. William S. Williams


3rd Division

Brig. Gen. Judson Kirkpatrick


1st Brigade


5th Iowa Cavalry

Col. William Warren Lane


2nd Brigade

Lieut. Col. Fiedler A. Jones


8th Indiana Cavalry

Lieut. Col. Fiedler A. Jones

2nd Kentucky Cavalry

Lieut. Carneal Nall

10th Ohio Cavalry

Lieut. Col. Thomas W. Sanderson


3rd Brigade

Col. Eli Murray


92nd Illinois Mounted Infantry

Maj. Albert Woodcock




10th Wisconsin Battery

Capt. Yates V. Beebe

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