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Fort Henry Union Order of Battle

Union Order of Battle


Army of the District of Cairo

Brig. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant


First Division

Brig. Gen. John A. McClernand


First Brigade

Col. R. J. Oglesby

8th Illinois Regiment

Lt. Col F. L. Rhoads

18th Illinois Regiment

Col. M. K. Lawler

29th Illinois Regiment

Col. James S. Rearden

30th Illinois Regiment

Lt. Col. E. S. Dennis

31st Illinois Regiment

Col. John A. Logan

Schwarz's Battery

Lt. S. C. Gumbert

Dresser's Battery of James Rifled Pieces


Stewart's Cavalry Company

Dollin's Cavalry Company

O'Harnett's Cavalry Company

Carmichael's Cavalry Company


Second Brigade

Col. W. H. L. Wallace


11th Illinois Regiment

Lt. Col J.E.G. Ransom

20th Illinois Regiment

Col. C. C. Marsh

45th Illinois Regiment

Lt. Col. J. A. Maltby

48th Illinois Regiment

Col. I. N. Haynes

4th Cavalry

Col. T. Lyle Dickey


Taylor's Batteries

McAllister's Batteries

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