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Vicksburg Campaign
New York Times Article July 6, 1863

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The following is transcribed from the New York Times, dated July 6, 1863:

WASHINGTON, Sunday, July 5 -- 8:25 P.M.


Official dispatches from Vicksburgh, to the 29th June, have been received.


MEMPHIS, Thursday, July 2, Via CAIRO, Friday, July 3. Advices from Vicksburgh to the 29th ult., are received. Although no positive advantages resulted from the springing of Gen. MCPHERSON'S mine, yet that officer rigorously pressing the rebels caused them to spring a counter mine on Gen. SHERMAN's front, but the only damage done was to destroy the head of his approach, which a day's work will clear up. Col. WOOD is raising the guns of the gunboats Cincinnati, and three of them are now in position on the bluff. The rebels keep up a constant fire, but our casualties are not numerous. The weather is extremely warm, but the nights are cool and refreshing. Gen. JOHNSTON is in the vicinity of Canton, preparing for a forward movement.


VICKSBURGH, Monday, June 29 -- Evening. Our forces were withdrawn to-day to the outer side of the contested fort to the front of Gen. LOGAN, in consequence of some advantages of position, which enable the enemy to throw shells into our position, thus endangering the lives of our men without present benefit. The withdrawal, however, is temporary. A sharp musketry fire is still maintained. The total casualties in this last struggle are not known, but it is believed they will not exceed 200.

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