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Siege of Corinth
June 14, 1862 Harper's Weekly Article

The following article is from Harper's Weekly Journal of Civilization, June 14, 1862.

The Evacuation of Corinth

The evacuation of Corinth by the rebel army under General Beauregard was announced officially by General Halleck, in a dispatch received at the War Department on 30th ult. The Thirty-ninth Ohio regiment, the advance-guard of General Pope's  brigade, entered the city at a few minutes before seven o'clock on 30th, and planted the Union flag on the dome of the court-house. The enemy had abandoned the place previously. The last display of resistance they made was in responding to the batteries of General Pope on the morning of 29th.

What General Halleck Says

Major-General Halleck telegraphs:

                    Head-quarters, Camp near Corinth, May 31, 1862

Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War:

          The enemy's position and works in front of Corinth were exceedingly strong. He can not occupy a stronger position in his flight. This morning he destroyed an immense amount of public and private property, stores, provisions, wagons, tents, etc. For miles out of the town the roads are filled with arms, haversacks, etc., thrown away by his fleeing troops. A large number of prisoners and deserters  have been captured, estimated by General Pope at 2000. General Beauregard evidently distrusts his army, or he would have defended so strong a position. His troops are generally much discouraged and demoralized. In all the engagements for the last few days their resistance has been slight.

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