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Brig. Gen. Henry A. Wise




Born: December 3, 1806

Drummondtown, VA

Died: September 12, 1876

Richmond, VA









Brig. Gen.: June 5, 1861

1825: Graduated Washington College, PA

1828: Admitted to the Bar

March 4, 1833 - March 3, 1843: House of Representatives  - 8th District

March 4, 1843 - February 2, 1844: House of Representatives - 7th District of VA

Aug 10 1844 - Aug 28 1847: Minister to Brazil

1856 - 1860: Governor of Virginia

Signed the Death Warrant for John Brown

June 5, 1861: Because of political prominence, was promoted to Brig. Gen

Sept. 10, 1861: Battle of Carnifex Ferry

Due to a feud with Brig. Gen. John B. Floyd in which Floyd accused Wise for not coming to his aid at the Battle of Carnifex Ferry. He was relieved of duty after a short investigation.

Early 1862: Assigned to command the District of Roanoke Island

February 8, 1862: Battle of Roanoke Island - Fell ill and was not present for the loss. He complained bitterly about inadequate forces to defend the island properly.

Commanded a brigade during the Seven Days Battle

1862-1863: held various commands in North Carolina and Virginia

1864: Commanded a brigade in the Department of North Carolina and Virginia

His brigade was credited for saving the city at the First Battle of Petersburg

Commanded a brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia during the final stages of the Siege of Petersburg

Fought bravely at Appomattox Court House and the urged Gen Lee to surrender

Became a Republican and strong supporter of President Grant

Never seeked a pardon for his action during the war.

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