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Maj. Gen. David S. Stanley




Born: June 1, 1828

Cedar Valley, Ohio

Died: March 13, 1902

Washington, D.C.


1852: West Point Graduate

March 1861: Captain

September 28, 1861: Brigadier General

March 11, 1863: Major General of Volunteers

1865: Colonel

1884: Brigadier General

Maj. Gen. David S. Stanley

1852: West Point Graduate - 9th out of 43 Cadets

Assigned to Western frontier to survey railroad routes

Engaged in Indian fighting

March 1861: Promoted to Captain

August 10, 1861: Battle of Wilson's Creek

September 28, 1861: President Lincoln appointed Stanley as Brigadier General of U.S. Volunteers, but Senate did not confirm appointment until March 7, 1862

February 28 - April 8, 1862: Battle of New Madrid and Island Number 10

April 29 - May 30, 1862: Siege of Corinth

September 19, 1862: Battle of Iuka

October 3-4, 1862: 2nd Battle of Corinth - Commanded a division of infantry in Army of the Mississippi

December 31, 1862 - January 2, 1863: Battle of Stone's River - Led the cavalry in Army of the Cumberland

March 11, 1863: Appointed Major General of Volunteers with rank of November 29, 1862

June 24 - July 3, 1863: Tullahoma Campaign

Late 1863: Fell ill and missed the Battle of Chickamauga


1864: Under Major Gen. Sherman, was division commander in the IV Corps during the Atlanta Campaign

May 13-15, 1864: Battle of Resaca

Promoted to IV Corps commander when Maj. Gen. Oliver Howard is named commander of the Army of the Tennessee

After capturing the city, Maj. Gen. Sherman sent IV Corps to Tennessee to protect the state from Hood's Army of Tennessee

November 30, 1864: Battle of Franklin

After the war was appointed colonel of the 22nd U.S. Infantry in the Dakota Territory until 1874

1873: Yellowstone Expedition - His favorable reports led to subsequent settlements

1879: Along with his regiment, was assigned to Texas to suppress the Indian raids

1882: Ordered to Santa Fe, New Mexico and placed in command of the District of New Mexico

1884: Appointed Brigadier General in regular army and assigned command of the Department of Texas

1892: Retired from the Army

1893 - 1898: Governor of Soldier's Home in Washington, D.C.

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