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Battle of Gettysburg
Confederate Official Records 424 - 507

Organization of the Army of Northern Virginia

Abstract from Returns of the Army of Northern Virginia

Gen. Robert E. Lee

Army of Northern Virginia

Surg. Lafayette Guild

Medical Director

Brig. Gen. William N. Pendleton

Chief of Artillery

Lieut. Col. Briscoe G. Baldwin

Chief of Ordnance

Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet

Commander, I Corps

Surg. F. W. Patterson

Wounded of McLaw's Division

Brig. Gen. J. B. Kershaw

Commander, Brigade

Maj. R. C. Maffett

3rd South Carolina Infantry

Col. James D. Nance

3rd South Carolina Infantry

Col. H. C. Cabell

Commander, Artillery Battalion

Capt. E. S. McCarthy

1st Richmond Howitzers

Capt. B. C. Manly

Company A, 1st North Carolina Artillery

Lieut. W. J. Furlong

Pulaski (Georgia) Artillery

Lieut. R. M. Anderson

1st Richmond Howitzers

Commander, Pulaski Artillery

Lieut. C. W. Motes

Troup (Georgia) Artillery

Maj. Charles S. Peyton

19th Virginia Infantry

Commander, Garnett's Brigade

Maj. James Dearing

Commander, Artillery Battalion

Lieut. Col. H. H. Scruggs

4th Alabama Infantry

Col. William C. Oates

15th Alabama Infantry

Col. William F. Perry

44th Alabama Infantry

Maj. James M. Campbell

47th Alabama Infantry

Col. James L. Sheffield

48th Alabama Infantry

Col. W. W. White

7th Georgia Infantry

Commander, Anderson's Brigade

Capt. George Hillyer

9th Georgia Infantry

Maj. H. D. McDaniel

11th Georgia Infantry

Maj. B. H. Gee

59th Georgia Infantry

Brig. Gen. J. B. Robertson

Commander, Brigade

Col. Van H. Manning

3rd Arkansas Infantry

Lieut. Col. P. A. Work

1st Texas Infantry

Maj. John P. Bane

4th Texas Infantry

Lieut. Col. K. Bryan

5th Texas Infantry

Maj. J. C. Rogers

5th Texas Infantry

Brig. Gen. Henry L. Benning

Commander, Brigade

Lieut. Col. William S. Shepherd

2nd Georgia Infantry

Col. D. M. DuBose

15th Georgia Infantry

Col. Wesley C. Hodges

17th Georgia Infantry

Col. J. D. Waddell

20th Georgia Infantry

Maj. M. W. Henry

Commander, Army Battalion

Col. E. Porter Alexander

Commander, Battalion Reserve Artillery

Capt. Osmond B. Taylor

Virginia Battery

Maj. B. T. Eshelman

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery

Lieut. Gen. Richard S. Ewell

Commander, II Corps

Col. J. Thompson Brown

1st Virginia Artillery

Chief of Artillery

Lieut. John M. Gregory, Jr.

Chief of Ordnance

Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early

Commander, Division

Return of Casualties in Early's Division

Brig. Gen. Harry  T. Hays

Commander, Brigade

Col. Archibald C. Godwin

57th North Carolina Infantry

Commander, Hoke's Brigade

Maj. Samuel McD. Tate

6th North Carolina Infantry

Col. Kenneth M. Murchison

54th North Carolina Infantry

Col. John S. Hoffman

31st Virginia Infantry

Commander, Smith's Brigade

Brig. Gen. J. B. Gordon

Commander, Brigade

Lieut. Col. H. P. Jones

Commander, Artillery Battalion

Capt. C. A. Green

Louisiana Guard Artillery

Capt. W. A. Tanner

Courtney (Virginia) Artillery

Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson

Commander, Division

Brig. Gen. George H. Steuart

Commander, Brigade

Col. J. M. Williams

Commander, Nicholl's Brigade

Capt. E. D. Willett

1st Louisiana Infantry

Maj. Thomas N. Powell

10th Louisiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. D. Zable

14th Louisiana Infantry

Maj. A. Brady

15th Louisiana Infantry

Brig. Gen. James A. Walker

Commander, Brigade

Col. J. Q. A. Nadenbousch

2nd Virginia Infantry

Maj. William Terry

4th Virginia Infantry

Maj. James W. Newton

5th Virginia Infantry

Col. J. H. S. Funk

5th Virginia Infantry

Lieut. Col. Daniel M. Shriver

27th Virginia Infantry

Capt. J. B. Golladay

33rd Virginia Infantry

Brig. Gen. J. M. Jones

Commander, Brigade

Lieut. Col. R. H. Dungan

48th Virginia Infantry

Commander, Jones' Brigade

Col. Bradley T. Johnson

Commander, Jones' Brigade

Capt. W. P. Mosely

21st Virginia Infantry

Lieut. Col. J. A. Robinson

25th Virginia Infantry

Col. John C. Higginbotham

25th Virginia Infantry

Capt. Jesse M. Richardson

42nd Virginia Infantry

Capt. T. R. Buckner

44th Virginia Infantry

Lieut. Col. L. H. N. Salyer

50th Virginia Infantry

Maj. J. W. Latimer

Commander, Andrews' Artillery Battalion

Lieut. Col. R. Snowden Andrews

Commander, Artillery Battalion

Maj. Gen. R. E. Rodes

Commander, Division

Brig. Gen. Junius Daniel

Commander, Brigade

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