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Bristoe Campaign
Union Order of Battle - V and VI Corps

Army of the Potomac

Maj. Gen. George G. Meade

V Corps

Maj. Gen. George Sykes


5th Michigan Cavalry (squadron)

Lieut. Samuel Harris

Provost Guard

12th New York (companies D and E)

Capt. Henry W. Ryder

1st Division

Brig. Gen. Charles Griffin

1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. James Barnes

18th Massachusetts Infantry

Maj. William B. White

22nd Massachusetts Infantry

Col. William S. Tilton

1st Michigan Infantry

Lieut. Col. William A. Throop

118th Pennsylvania Infantry

Maj. Charles P. Herring

2nd Brigade

Col. Jacob B. Sweitzer

9th Massachusetts Infantry

Col. Patrick R. Guiney

32nd Massachusetts Infantry

Col. George L. Prescott

4th Michigan Infantry

Lieut. Col. George W. Lumbard

62nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. James C. Hull

3rd Brigade

Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain

20th Maine Infantry

Maj. Ellis Spear

16th Michigan Infantry

Capt. George H. Swan

44th New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Freeman Conner

83rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Maj. William H. Lamont

2nd Division

Brig. Gen. Romeyn B. Ayres

1st Brigade

Col. Sidney Burbank

2nd U.S. (6 companies)

Capt. James W. Long

3rd U.S. (6 companies)

Maj. William E. Prince

11th U.S. Infantry

Maj. Jonathan W. Gordon

12th U.S. Infantry

Maj. Luther B. Bruen

14th U.S. Infantry

Capt. Edward Mck. Hudson

17th U.S. Infantry

Lieut. Col. James D. Greene

3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Kenner Garrard

140th New York Infantry

Col. George Ryan

146th New York Infantry (Zouaves)

Col. David T. Jenkins

91st Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Edgar M. Gregory

155th Pennsylvania Infantry

Maj. Alfred L. Pearson

3rd Division

Col. William McCandless

1st Brigade

Col. William C. Talley

1st Pennsylvania Reserves

Lieut. Col. William W. Stewart

2nd Pennsylvania Reserves

Maj. Patrick C. Donough

6th Pennsylvania Reserves

Col. Wellington H. Ent

13th Pennsylvania Reserves

Maj. William R. Harshome

3rd Brigade

Col. Martin D. Hardin

5th Pennsylvania Reserves

Lieut. Col. George Dare

9th Pennsylvania Reserves

Lieut. Col. James M. Snodgrass

10th Pennsylvania Reserves

Lieut. Col. James B. Knox

11th Pennsylvania Reserves

Col. Samuel M. Jackson

12th Pennsylvania Reserves

Lieut. Col. Richard Gustin

Artillery Brigade

Capt. Augustus Pearl Martin

3rd Battery Massachusetts Light Artillery

Lieut. Aaron F. Walcott

5th Battery Massachusetts Light Artillery

Capt. Charles A. Phillips

1st New York Light, Battery C

Capt. Almont Barnes

1st Ohio Light, Battery L

Capt. Frank C. Gibbs

5th U.S. Battery D

Lieut. Benjamin F. Rittenhouse

VI Corps

Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick


1st Vermont Cavalry (detachment)

Capt. Andrew J. Grover

1st Division

Brig. Gen. Horatio G. Wright

1st Brigade

(1st New Jersey Brigade)

Brig. Gen. Alfred T. A. Torbert

1st New Jersey Infantry

Lieut. Col. William Henry, Jr.

2nd New Jersey Infantry

Col. Samuel L. Buck

3rd New Jersey Infantry

Col. Henry W. Brown

4th New Jersey Infantry

Lieut. Col. Charles Ewing

15th New Jersey Infantry

Col. William H. Penrose

2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Joseph J. Bartlett

5th Maine Infantry

Col. Clark S. Edwards

121st New York Infantry

Col. Emory Upton

95th Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. Edward Carroll

96th Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. William H. Lessig

3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. David Allen Russell

6th Maine Infantry

Col. Benjamin F. Harris

49th Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. Thomas M. Hulings

119th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Peter C. Ellmaker

5th Wisconsin Infantry

Col. Thomas S. Allen

2nd Division

Brig. Gen. Albion P. Howe

2nd Brigade (Vermont Brigade)

Col. Lewis A. Grant

2nd Vermont Infantry

Col. James H. Walbridge

3rd Vermont Infantry

Col. Thomas O. Seaver

4th Vermont Infantry

Lieut. Col. George P. Foster

5th Vermont Infantry

Maj. Charles P. Dudley

6th Vermont Infantry

Col. Elisha L. Barney

3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Neill

7th Maine Infantry

Col. Edwin C. Mason

43rd New York Infantry

Col. Benjamin F. Baker

49th New York Infantry

Col. Daniel D. Bidwell

77th New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Winsor B. French

61st Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. George F. Smith

3rd Division

Brig. Gen. Henry D. Terry

1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. Alexander Shaler

65th New York Infantry

Col. Joseph E. Hamblin

67th New York Infantry

Col. Nelson Cross

122nd New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Augustus Wade Dwight

23rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. John Ely

82nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. Isaac C. Bassett

2nd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Henry L. Eustis

7th Massachusetts Infantry

Col. Thomas D. Johns

10th Massachusetts Infantry

Lieut. Col. Joseph B. Parsons

2nd Rhode Island Infantry

Col. Horatio Rogers, Jr.

3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Frank Wheaton

62nd New York Infantry

Col. David J. Nevin

93rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. John S. Long

98th Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. John F. Ballier

102nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Col. John W. Patterson

139th Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. William H. Moody

Artillery Brigade

Col. Charles H. Tompkins

1st Massachusetts Light, Battery A

Capt. William H. McCartney

1st Battery New York Light Artillery

Capt. Andrew Cowan

3rd Battery New York Light Artillery

Capt. William A. Ham

1st Rhode Island, Battery C

Capt. Richard Waterman

1st Rhode Island, Battery G

Capt. George W. Adams

5th U.S., Battery F

Lieut. Leonard Martin

5th U.S., Battery M

Capt. James McKnight

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