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Maj. Gen. John Newton



Born: August 24, 1822

Norfolk, Virginia

Died: May 5, 1895

New York City, New York




1842: West Point Graduate

6 August 1861: Major

23 September, 1861: Brigadier General

30 March 1863: Major General USV

18 April 1864: Brigadier General

Maj. Gen. John Newton

1842: West Point Graduate - 2nd of 56 Graduates Commissioned in Corps of Engineers

1843-1846: Taught engineering at the Military Academy

1846-1852: Constructed fortifications along the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes

1856: Special Gulf Coast Defense Board

1858: Chief Engineer Utah Expidition

Helped to construct Washington defenses

6 August 1861: Promoted to Major

23 September 1861: Promoted to Brigadier General

1862: Led a brigade in the Peninsula Campaign

14 September 1862: Battle of South Mountain - led bayonet charge resulting in taking the enemy position

17 September 1862: Battle of Antietam

13 December 1862: Battle of Fredericksburg - After the battle, Newton and other generals went to Pres. Lincoln and expressed their lack of confidence in Maj. Gen. Burnside

30 March 1863: Promoted to Major General, but due to his protest of Burnside, the promotion was never officially confirmed

1-4 May 1863: Battle of Chancellorsville - wounded at Salem Church

1-3 July 1863: Battle of Gettysburg

1 July 1863: Took command of the I Corps after Maj. Gen. Reynolds was killed. The command should have fallen to Maj. Gen. Doubleday, but Maj. Gen. Meade had no confidence in him

Commanded the I Corps until it was dissolved and its remnants spread among the II and V Corps

18 April 1864: Was converted back to Brig. Gen. and sent to Maj. Gen. Sherman

In the Atlanta Campaign, commanded the 2nd Division, IV Corps in Maj. Gen. George Thomas command

20 July 1864: Battle of Peachtree Creek preventing a dangerous Confederate movement against Maj. Gen. Sherman

1864-1866: Commanded the District of Key West and the Tortugas of the Department of the Gulf

6 March 1865: Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida which was a Union defeat

After the war, returned to the Corps of Engineers and oversaw improvements to waterways around New York City and to Hudson River above Albany

1886: Retired and became President of the Panama Railroad Company until his death in 1895

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