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Battle of New Madrid
Harper's Weekly Article

The Fight at Island No. 10


The following article is transcribed from Harper's Weekly, Journal of Civilization,  dated March 22, 1862.


The Rebels Besieged at New Madrid

          New Madrid, where the rebels have made a stand, with a force of nearly 10,000men, with four gun-boats at anchor off the town, is completely invested by the army of General Pope. Some skirmishes had taken place there, in which several of our troops were killed by shells thrown from the rebel gun-boats. New Madrid is a flourishing little town on the Mississippi River, 280 miles southeast of Jefferson City. It is the capital of Madrid Country, has a population of 2,000 inhabitants, and enjoys a large business in shipping corn, lumber, and cattle for the Southern market. The officers of General Pope's command are confident that as soon as the gun-boats are silenced the town will fall easily into our hands.


The following article is transcribed from Harper's Weekly dated March 29, 1862.


Progress of Victory

          Island No. 10 is ours! It couldn't stand Commodore Foote's mortar-shelling, and seems to have surrendered after one day's fighting, abandoning to us quantities of stores, guns, ammunition, etc., which the rebels can not replace. How the garrison escaped, if they did escape, remains to be ascertained. Thus falls the second rebel strong-hold on the Mississippi.

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