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Battle of Gettysburg
General Staff and Headquarters

Maj. Gen. George  G. Meade

Commanding Officer

General Staff

Chief of Staff

Maj. Gen. Daniel Butterfield (w)

Assistant Adjutant General

Col. Edmund Schriver

Chief Quartermaster

Brig. Gen. Rufus Ingalls

Commissaries and Subsistence

Col. Henry F. Clarke

Chief of Artillery

Brig. Gen. Henry J. Hunt (w)

Chief Ordnance Officer

Capt. Daniel W. Flagler

Chief Signal Officer

Capt. Lemuel B. Norton

Medical Director

Maj. Jonathan Letterman

Chief of Engineers

Chief of Engineers

Brig. Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren (w)

Bureau of Military Informtion

Col.  George H. Sharpe

General Headquarters

Command of the Provost Marshall

Brig. Gen. Marsena R. Patrick

93rd New York Infantry

Col. John S. Crocker

8th United States (8 Companies

2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry

Col. Richard Butler Price

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Regular Cavalry

Guards and Orderlies

Oneida (New York) Cavalry

Capt. Daniel P. Mann

Engineer Brigade

Brig. Gen. Henry W. Benham

15th New York (3 Companies)

Maj. Walter L. Cassin

150th New York

Col. William H. Pettes

U.S. Battalion

Capt. George H. Mendell

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