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Battle of Monocacy
Union Official Records

Maj. Gen. Lewis Wallace

Commander, Middle Department

Composition and Losses of Union Forces

Itinerary of the 3rd Division

Col. William Emerson

151st New York Infantry

Col. Z. Warren Keifer

110th Ohio Infantry

Commander, 2nd Brigade

Lieut. Col. Otho H. Binkley

110th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Charles J. Gibson

122nd Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Aaron W. Ebright

126th Ohio Infantry

Col. Matthew R. McClennan

138th Pennsylvania Infantry

Brig. Gen. Erastus B. Tyler

Commander, 1st Separate Brigade

Capt. Charles J. Brown

1st Maryland Infantry, Potomac Home Brigade

Col. Allison L. Brown

149th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. David R. Clendenin

8th Illinois Cavalry

Capt. Edward H. Leib

5th U.S. Cavalry

Commander, Mounted Infantry

Capt. Frederic W. Alexander

Baltimore (Maryland) Battery


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