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Battle of Stone's River
Union Order of Battle - Left Wing

Army of the Cumberland

XIV Army Corps

Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans

Left Wing

Maj. Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden

1st (late 6th) Division

Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Wood (w)

Brig. Gen. Milo S. Hascall

1st (late 15th) Brigade

Brig. Gen. Milo S. Hascall

100th Illinois Infantry

Col. Frederick A. Bartleson

58th Indiana Infantry

Col. George P. Buell

Lieut.Col. James T. Embree

3rd Kentucky Infantry

Col. Samuel McKee (k)

Maj. Daniel R. Collier

26th Ohio Infantry

Col. William H. Squires

2nd (late 21st) Brigade

Col. George D. Wagner

15th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Gustavus A. Wood

40th Indiana Infantry

Col. John W. Blake

Lieut. Col. Elias Neff (w)

Maj. Henry Leaming

57th Indiana Infantry

Col. Cyrus C. Hines (w)

Lieut. Col. George W. Lennard (w)

Capt. John S. McGraw

97th Ohio Infantry

Col. John Q. Lane

3rd (late 20th) Brigade

Col. Charles G. Harker

51st Indiana Infantry

Col. Abel D. Streight

73rd Indiana Infantry

Col. Gilbert Hathaway

13th Michigan Infantry

Col. Michael Shoemaker

64th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Alexander McIlvain

65th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Alexander Cassil (w)

Maj. Horatio N. Whitbeck


Maj. Seymour Race

8th Indiana Infantry (1st Brigade)

Lieut. George Estep

10th Indiana (2nd Brigade)

Capt. Jerome B. Cox

6th Ohio (3rd Brigade)

Capt. Cullen Bradley

2nd (l;ate 4th) Division

Brig. Gen. John M. Palmer

1st (late 22nd) Brigade

Brig. Gen. Charles Craft

31st Indiana Infantry

Col. John Osborn

1st Kentucky Infantry

Col. David A. Enyart

2nd Kentucky Infantry

Col. Thomas D. Sedgewick

90th Ohio Infantry

Col. Isaac N. Ross

2nd (late 19th) Brigade

Col. William B. Hazen

110th Illinois Infantry

Col. Thomas S. Casey

9th Indiana Infantry

Col. William H. blake

6th Kentucky Infantry

Col. Walter C. Whitaker

41st Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Aquila Wiley

3rd (late 10th) Brigade

Col. William Grose

84th Illinois Infantry

Col. Louis H. Waters

36th Indiana Infantry

Maj. Isaac Kinley (w)

Capt. Pyrrhus Woodward

23rd Kentucky Infantry

Maj. Thomas H. Hamrick

6th Ohio Infantry

Col. Nicholas L. Anderson (w)

24th Ohio Infantry

Col. Frederick C. Jones (k)

Maj. Henry Terry (k)

Capt. Enoch Weller (k)

Capt. A. T. M. Cockerill


Capt. William E. Standart

B, 1st Ohio

Capt. William E. Standart

F, 1st Ohio

Capt. D. T. Cockerill (w)

Lieut. Norval Osburn

H and M, 4th U.S. Artillery

Lieut. C C. Parsons

3rd (late 5th) Division

Col. Samuel Beatty

Col. Benjamin C. Grider

79th Indiana Infantry

Col. Frederick Knefler

9th Kentucky Infantry

Col. Benjamin C. Grider

Lieut. Col. George H. Cram

11th Kentucky Infantry

Maj. Erasmus L. Mottley

19th Ohio Infantry

Maj. Charles F. Manderson

2nd (late14th) Brigade)

Col. James P. Fyffe

44th Indiana Infantry

Col. William C. Williams (c)

Lieut. Col. Simeon C. Aldrich

86th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. George F. Dick

13th Ohio Infantry

Col. Joseph G. Hawkins (k)

Maj. Dwight Jarvis, Jr.

59th Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. William Howard

3rd (late 23rd) Brigade

Col. Samuel W. Price

35th Indiana Infantry

Col. Bernard F. Mullen

8th Kentucky Infantry

Lieut. Col. Reuben May

Maj. Green B. Broaddus

21st Kentucky Infantry

Lieut. Col. James C. Evans

51st Ohio Infantry

Lieut. Col. Richard W. McClain

99th Ohio Infantry

Col. Peter T. Swaine (w)

Lieut. Col. John E. Cummins


Capt. George R. Swallow

7th Indiana Artillery

Capt. George R. Swallow

B, Pennsylvania

Lieut. Alanson J. Stevens

3rd Wisconsin Artillery

Lieut. Cortland Livingston




Brig. Gen. David S. Stanley

Cavalry Division

Col. John Kennett

1st Brigade

Col. Robert H. G. Minty


M, 2nd Indiana Cavalry

Capt. J. A. S. Mitchell

3rd Kentucky Cavalry

Col. Eli H. Murray

4th Michigan Cavalry

Lieut. Col. William H. Dicksinson

7th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Maj. John E. Wynkoop

2nd Brigade

Col. Lewis Zahm

1st Ohio Cavalry

Col. Minor Milliken (k)

Maj. James Laughlin

3rd Ohio Cavalry

Lieut. Col. Douglas A. Murray

4th Ohio Cavalry

Maj. John L. Pugh


D, 1st Ohio (section)

Lieut. Nathaniel M. Newell

Reserve Cavalry

15th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Maj. Adolph G. Rosengarten (k)

Maj. Frank B. Ward (m, w)

Capt. Alfred Vezin

1st Middle (5th) Tennessee Cavlary

Col. William B. Stokes

2nd Tennessee Cavalry

Col. Daniel M. Ray


3rd Tennessee

Col. William C. Pickens

4th U.S.

Capt. Elmer Otis


Pioneer Brigade

Capt. James St. C. Morton

1st Battalion

Capt. Lyman Bridges (w)

2nd Battalion

Capt. Calvin Hood

3rd Battalion

Capt. Robert Clements

Stokes's Illinois Battery

Capt. James H. Stokes

Engineers and Mechanics

1st Michigan

Col. William P. Innes

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