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Brig. Gen. Lawrence O'B Branch





Born: November 28, 1820

Enfield, North Carolina

September 17, 1862

Sharpsburg, Maryland





Dec. 2, 1860: Declined position of Secretary of Treasury

May 1, 1861: Private CSA

Sept. 1, 1861: Colonel

Jan. 16, 1862: Brig. Gen.

Brig Gen Lawrence O'Bryan Branch

1841: Seminole Wars

Mar. 3, 1861 - Mar. 1861: Congressman from North Carolina

Dec. 2, 1860: Appointed to the position of Secretary of Treasury, but declined

May 1, 1861: Entered the CSA as a private in the Raleigh Rifles

Sept. 1, 1861: Promoted to Colonel

Battle of New Berne while his Brigade was attached to A.P. Hills Division

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