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Battle of Wilson's Creek
Official Union Records

Fremont's OR

U. S. Army

Lyon's OR

Army of the West

Schofield's OR

Acting Adjutant-General

Sturgis' OR

1st U. S. Cavalry

Plummer's OR

1st U. S. Infantry

Totten's OR

2nd U. S. Artillery

Andrew's OR

1st Missouri Infantry

Steele's OR

2nd U. S. Infantry

Du Bois' OR

U. S. Mounted Rifles

Light Artillery Battery

Merritt's OR

1st Iowa Infantry

Halderman's OR

1st Kansas Infantry

Blair's OR

2nd Kansas Infantry

Sigel's OR

3rd Missouri Infantry

Carr's OR

1st U. S. Cavalry

Farrand's OR

1st U. S. Infantry

Congratulatory Orders

Thanks of U. S. Congress

to General Lyon's command

Statements as to conduct of General Sigel, forwarded by

Major-General Halleck, U. S. A.

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