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Maj. Gen. Julius Stahel

Born: November 5, 1825

Szeged, Kingdom of Hungary

Died: December 4, 1912

New York City, New York



1848: Lieutenant, Hungary

1861: Lieutenant Colonel

August 11, 1861: Lieutenant Colonel

November 1861: Brigadier General

March 14, 1863: Major General

Maj. Gen. Julius Stahel


1848: As a Lieutenant, joined the Hungarian Independence Movement

1849: Fled Hungary when the revolution failed. Went to Prussia, then England and finally the U.S. in 1859

1861: Along with Louis Blenker (later Brigadier General) formed the 8th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, also named the German Rifles or Blenker's Rifles

Became regiments Lieutenant Colonel

July 21, 1861: 1st Battle of Bull Run

August 11, 1861: Promoted to Colonel

November 1861: Promoted to Brigadier General

June 8-9, 1862: Battle of Cross Keys

August 29-30, 1862: 2nd Battle of Bull Run - Sen. Schenck was wounded and Stahel became acting commander

March 14, 1863: Promoted to Major General

March 1863: Assigned to command a Union cavalry division in the defenses of Washington, D.C.

Gen. Pleasonton removed Stahel

Became cavalry commander in the Department of the Susquehanna at the time of the Gettysburg Campaign

May 15, 1864: Battle of New Market

June 5, 1864: Battle of Piedmont - Wounded in the shoulder - Received the Medal of Honor on November 4, 1893 for actions

Upon recovering from his wounds, served on court-martial duty until he resigned

February 8, 1865: Resigned from the Army

1866-1869: Diplomatic Corps in Yokohoma, Japan

1844-1885: U.S. Consul General in Shaghai, China

1877-1884: Diplomatic Corps in Osaka, Japan

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