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Maj. Gen. John E. Wool



Born: February 20, 1784

Newburgh, New York




Died: November 10, 1869

Troy, New York


Captain: 1812




Colonel: 1815


Brigadier General: 1841


Brevet-Major General:


Major General: 1862


Retired: 1863

1812 - 1815: War of 1812

1812: At the outbreak of the War of 1812 - volunteered and became Captain in the 13th United States Infantry Regiment

October 13, 1812: Battle of Queenston Heights and was wounded

After recovering from his wound, promoted to Major of the 29th United States Infantry

September 6-11, 1814: Battle of Plattsburgh

Major in 6th United States Infantry

1815: Colonel and in the Office of Inspector-General

1836-1838: Participated in the deportation of the Cherokee from North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee

Established Fort Butler in what is known as Murphy, NC

1841: Promoted to Brigadier General and commanded the Department of the East

1846-1848: Mexican American War

1846: Chichuchua Expedition which captured the city of Chihuahua

February 23, 1847: Joins General Zachery Taylor at the Battle of Buena Vista

1848: After Gen. Taylor returned to the States, Gen. Wool remains as commander of the Army until the close of the war. Becomes Brevet Major General

1848-1853: Command of the Department of the East

1854-1857: Command of the Department of the Pacific

1857-1860: Command of the Department of the East

1861: Makes a decisive move in securing Fort Monroe, Virginia for the Union

May 1862: After the Confederates abandon the Navy Yard at Norfolk, Wool's troops occupy the Navy Yard

Promoted to Major General

Reassigned to command the Middle Department, then the VII Corps

January 1863: Assumes command of the Department of the East

July 1863: Led operations in New York City during and after the Draft Riots

August 1, 1863: Placed on retired list

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