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Battle of Wilson's Creek
Official Confederate Records

Price's OR

Missouri State Guard

Maclean's OR


McCulloch's OR

Orders and Proclamations

Churchill's OR

1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles

McIntosh's OR

2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles

Embry's OR

2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles

McRae's OR

Arkansas Battalion

Hebert's OR

3rd Louisiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. S. M. Hyams

Third Louisiana Infantry

Tunnard's OR

3rd Louisiana Infantry

Vigilini's OR

3rd Louisiana Infantry

Greer's OR

South Kansas-Texas Regiment

Reid's OR

Reid's Battery

Pearce's OR

1st Division, Army of Arkansas

Col. John R. Gratiot

Third Arkansas Infantry

Col. J. D. Walker

Fourth Arkansas Infantry

Colonel Tom P. Dockery

Fifth Arkansas Infantry

Colonel De. Rosey Carroll

Fifth Arkansas Cavalry

Captain Charles A. Carroll

Fifth Arkansas Cavalry

Brig. Gen. James S. Rains

Commanding Second Division Missouri State Guard

Colonel John R. Graves

Commanding First Brigade, Second Division, Missouri State Guard

Congratulatory Letter from Confederate Secretary of War

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