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Battle of Stone's River
Union Order of Battle - Right Wing

Army of the Cumberland

XIV Army Corps

Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans

Provost Guard

10th Ohio

Lieut. Col. Joseph W. Burke


Anderson Troop Pennsylvania Cavalry

Lieut. Thomas S. Maple

Right Wing

Maj. Gen. Alexander McD. McCook

1st (Late 9th) Division

Brig. Gen. Jefferson C. Davis


Cavalry Company B 36th Illinois

Capt. Samuel B. Sherer

2nd Kentucky Cavalry

Capt. Miller R. McCulloch (k)

Lieut. Harvey S. Park

1st (late 30th) Brigade

Col. P. Sidney Post

59th Illinois Infantry

Capt. Hendrick E. Paine

74th Illinois Infantry

Col. Jason Marsh

75th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. John E. Bennett

22nd Indiana Infantry

Col. Michael Gooding

2nd (late 31st) Brigade

Col. William P. Carlin

21st Illinois Infantry

Col. J. W. S. Alexander (w)

Lieut. Col. Warren E. McMackin

38th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Daniel H. Gilmer

101st Ohio Infantry

Col. Leander Stem (m, w, and c)

Lieut. Col. Moses F. Wooster (m, w, and c)

Maj. Isaac M. Kirby

Capt. Bedan B. McDonald

15th Wisconsin Infantry

Col. Hans C. Heg

3rd (late 32nd) Brigade

Col. William E. Woodruff

25th Illinois Infantry

Col. Thomas D. Williams (k)

Capt. Wesford Taggart

35th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. William P. Chandler

81st Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. John Timberlake


2nd Minnesota (2nd Brigade)

Capt. William A. Hotchkiss

5th Wisconsin (1st Brigade)

Capt. Oscar F. Pinney (m, w)

Lieut. Charles B. Humphrey

8th Wisconsin (3rd Brigade)

Capt. Stephen J. Carpenter (k)

Serft. Obadiah German

Lieut. Henry E. Stiles

2nd Division

Brig. Richard W. Johnson

1st (late 6th) Brigade

Brig. Gen. August Willich (c)

Col. William Wallace

Col. William H. Gibson

89th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Charles T. Hotchkiss

32nd Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Frank Erdelmeyer

39th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Fielder A. Jones

15th Ohio Infantry

Col. William Wallace

Capt. A. R. Z. Dawson

Col. William Wallace

49th Ohio Infantry

Col. William H. Gibson

Lieut. Col. Levi Drake (k)

Capt. Samuel F. Gray

2nd (late 5th) Brigade

Brig. Gen. Edward N. Kirk (w)

Col. Joseph B. Dodge

34th Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Hiram W. Bristol

79th Illinois Infantry

Col. Sheridan P. Read (k)

Maj. Allen Buckner

29th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. David M. Dunn (c)

Maj. Joseph P. Collins

30th Indiana Infantry

Col. Joseph B. Dodge

Lieut. Col. Orrin D. Hurd

77th Pennsylvania Infantry

Lieut. Col. Peter B. Housum (k)

Capt. Thomas E. Rose

3rd (late 4th) Brigade

Col. Philemon P. Baldwin

6th Indiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Hagerman Tripp

5th Kentucky Infantry

Lieut. Col. William W. Berry (w)

1st Ohio Infantry

Maj. Joab A. Stafford

93rd Ohio Infantry

Col. Charles Anderson (w)


5th Indiana (3rd Brigade)

Capt. Peter Simonson

A, 1st Ohio (1st Brigade)

Lieut. Edmund B. Belding

E, 1st Ohio (2nd Brigade)

Capt. Warren P. Edgarton (c)


G, H, I, and K, 3rd Indiana

Maj. Robert Klein

3rd (late 11th) Division

Brig. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan


L, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry

Lieut. Joseph T. Forman

1st (late 37th) Brigade

Brig. Gen. Joshua W. Sill (k)

Col. Nicholas Greusel

36th Illinois Infantry

Col. Nicholas Greusel

Maj. Silas Miller ( w, c)

Capt. Porter C. Olson

88th Illinois Infantry

Col. Francis T. Sherman

21st Michigan Infantry

Lieut. Col. William B. McCreery

24th Wisconsin Infantry

Maj. Elisha C. Hibbard

2nd (late 35th) Brigade

Col. Frederick Schaefer (k)

Lieut. Col. Bernard Laiboldt

44th Illinois Infantry

Capt. Wallace W. Barrett (w)

73rd Illinois Infantry

Maj. William A. Presson (w)

2nd Missouri Infantry

Lieut. Col. Bernard Laiboldt

Maj. Francis Ehrler

15th Missouri Infantry

Lieut. Col. John Weber

3rd Brigade

Col. George W. Roberts (k)

Col. Luther P. Bradley

22nd Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Francis Swanwick (w, c)

Capt. Samuel Johnson

27th Illinois Infantry

Col. Fazillo A. Harrington (k)

Maj. William A. Schmitt

42nd Illinois Infantry

Lieut. Col. Nathan H. Walworth

51st Illinois Infantry

Col. Luther P. Bradley

Capt. Henry F. Wescott


Capt. Henry Hescock

C, 1st Illinois (3rd Brigade)

Capt. Charles Houghtaling

4th Indiana (1st Brigade)

Capt. Asabel K. Bush

G, 1st Missouri (2nd Brigade)

Capt. Henry Hescock

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