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Maj. Gen. William W. Loring




Born: December 4, 1818

Wilmington, North Carolina

Died: December 30, 1886

New York City, New York





1835: 2nd Lieutenant

1856: Colonel

May 13, 1861: Resigned U.S. Army

1861: Brigadier General

Major General

William Loring in his Army uniform

14 years old: Joined Florida militia and fought in the 1st Seminole Indian War in minor skirmishes

17 years old: Texas War for Independence

Second Seminole War and promoted to 2nd Lieutenant

1843-1845: Florida House of Representatives

1846: Regiment of Mounted Rifles

Promoted to Major before seeing battle in Oregon Territory

Mounted Rifles sent to Mexican-American War

While leading charge into Mexico City, left arm shattered by a Mexican bullet, which was later amputated

Received two brevet promotions for bravery, one for lieutenant colonel and another for colonel

Was in command of Oregon Territory for two years and transferred to commander of Forts Ewell, Fort McIntosh, and Fort Union

1856: Promoted to Colonel

May 13, 1861: Resigned from U.S. Army

Promoted to Brigadier General and given command of the Army of the Northwest participating in Western Virginia Campaign in the fall of 1861

September 1861: Battle of Cheat Mountain

Loring did not get along with Gen. Jackson. Jackson resigned until Loring was reassigned and given command of Department of Southwestern Virginia

October 1862: Transferred to the West

Spring 1863: Yazoo Pass Expidition

May 16, 1863: Battle of Champion Hill

February 1864: Meredith Campaign

May 13-15, 1864: Battle of Resaca

June 14, 1864: Temporarily took command of III Corps when Gen. Polk was killed at Pine Mountain

June 27, 1864: Battle of Kennesaw

July 7, 1864: Replaced by Lieut. Gen. Alexander P. Stewart

July 20, 1864: Battle of Peachtree Creek

July 28, 1864: Battle of Ezra Church

November 30, 1864: Battle of Franklin

December 15-16, 1864: Battle of Nashville

March 19-21, 1865: Battle of Bentonville

April 26, 1865: Surrendered with Gen. Johnston at Bennett's Place, North Carolina

After the Civil War, served in Egypt after being recommended by Gen. Sherman. After 9 years, achieved the rank of Major General

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