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Maj. Gen. David Hunter





Born: July 21, 1802

Either Troy, New York


Princeton, New Jersey



Died: February 2, 1886

Washington, D. C.


West Point: June 1822

2nd Lieutenant: June 1822

Captain: 1833

Resigned from Army: 1836

Rejoined the Army: November 1841

Major: March 1842

Colonel: May 14, 1861

Brig. Gen. Volunteers: May 17, 1861

Maj. Gen. Volunteers: August 1861

Brevet Maj. Gen.: March 13, 1865

Retired: July 1866

Brigadier General David Hunter

Courtesy of Library of Congress

June 1822: West Point Graduate - 25th in class of 40

June 1822: 2nd Lieutenant, 5th US Infantry Regiment

1828-1831: Northwest Frontier at Fort Dearborn near Chicago, Illinois

1833: Captain of the 1st US Dragoons

1836: Resigned from the Army

November 1841: Rejoined the Army as a paymaster

March 1842: Promoted to Major

February 1861: Accompanied President-elect Lincoln to Washington D.C. - Suffered a dislocated collarbone in Buffalo due to the pressing of spectators on the President-elect

May 14, 1861: Promoted to Colonel

May 17, 1861: Promoted to Brig. Gen. of Volunteers

July 21, 1861: Battle of Bull Run - Wounded in the neck and cheek

August 1861: Promoted to Major General of Volunteers

Division Commander under Gen. Fremont

November 2, 1861: Appointed commander of Western Department

Transferred to command of Department of Kansas

March 1862: Transferred to command the Department of the South and the X Corps

April 10-11, 1862: Battle of Fort Pulaski

April 25, 1862: Issues General Order No. 11 ~ freeing of slaves in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina

President Lincoln rescinds General Order No. 11

May 21, 1864: Assigned command of the Army of the Shenandoah and the Department of West Virginia

June 5, 1864: Battle of Piedmont

June 11, 1864: Burns Virginia Military Institute

June 19, 1864: Battle of Lynchburg

Asked to be relieved when Gen. Sheridan is placed in charge of the troops and Hunter is in command only administratively

March 13, 1865: Promote to Brevet Major General

Served as Honor Guard to President Lincoln and accompanied the body back to Springfield

President of Military Commission trying the conspirators of President Lincoln's assassination

July 1866: Retired from US Army

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