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Siege of Fort Macon

​Confederate Commander

Colonel Moses J. White

Forces Engaged:

Killed: 7

Wounded: 18

Captured or Missing: 400

Total: 400

Confederate Officers




Confederate Order of Battle


Col. Moses White Official Record

March 23 through April 26, 1862

Carteret County, North Carolina

Union Victory

Burnside's North Carolina Expedition

(January-July 1862)

Forces Engaged:

Killed: 1

Wounded: 3

Captured or Missing: 0

Total: 4

Union Officers

Brig. Gen. John G. Parke

Col. Isaac Rodman

Capt. Samuel Lockwood USN


Union Order of Battle


Union Official Records

Union Naval Official Records

Naval Vessels

Flagship Minnesota

U. S. S. Ellis

U. S. S. Daylight

U. S. S. State of Georgia

U. S. S. Chippewa

U. S. S. Gemsbok

U. S. S. Albatross

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