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Maryland Campaign
Harper's Ferry - Union Order of Battle

Col. Dixon S. Miles (m, w)

Brig. Gen. Julius White

Brigade Commanders

Colonels F. G. D'Utassy

Colonel William H. Trimble

Colonel Thomas H. Ford

Colonel William G. Ward

​12th Illinois Cavalry

Col. Arno Voss

M, 2nd Illinois Artillery

Capt. John C. Phillips

65th Illinois

Col. Daniel Cameron

15th Indiana Battery

Capt. John C. H. von Schlen

Indiana Battery

Capt. Silas F. Rigby

1st Maryland Cavalry

Maj. Henry A. Cole

1st Maryland P. H. Brigade

Col. William P. Maulsby

3rd Maryland, P. H. Brigade

Lieut. Col. Stephen W. Downey

8th New York Cavalry

Col. Benjamin F. Davis

A, 5th Artillery

Capt. Eugene McGrath


12th New York (militia)

Col. William G. Ward

39th New York

Maj. Hugo Hildebrandt

111th New York

Col. Jesse Segoine

115th New York

Col. Simeon Sammon

125th New York

Col. George L. Willard

126th New York

Col. Eliakim Sherrill (w)

Maj. William H. Baird

Ohio Battery

Capt. Benjamin F. Potts

82nd Ohio

Maj. Sylvester M. Hewitt

60th Ohio

Lieut. Col. Noah H. Hixon

87th Ohio

Col. Henry B. Banning

7th Squadron Rhode Island Cavalry

Maj. Augustus W. Corliss

9th Vermont

Col. George J. Stannard

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