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USS Hartford

USS Hartford

Painted by E. Arnold

Builder: Boston Navy Yard

Launched: 22 November 1858

Commissioned: 27 May 1859

Decommissioned: 20 August 1926

Fate: Sank at her berth 20 November 1956



Displacement: 2900 tons

Length: 225 feet

Beam: 44 feet

Draft: 17 feet 2 inches

Propulsion: Steam Engine & Sails


20 x 9-inch smoothbore Dahlgren guns

2 x 20-pounder Parrott rifles

2 x 12-pounder guns


East India Squadron

West Gulf Blockading Squadron

Battle of New Orleans

Vicksburg Campaign

Siege of Port Hudson

Battle of Mobile Bay

Asiatic Squadron

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