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Assault on Fort Wagner
Confederate Official Records

Return of Casualties

Maj. Henry Bryan

Assistant Inspector General

Col. Robert F. Graham

21st South Carolina Infantry

Brig. Gen. William B. Taliaferro

C.S. Army

Brig. Gen. Johnson Hagood

Commander on James Island and Morris Island

Brig. Gen. A. H. Colquitt

Commander on Morris Island

Col. Lawrence M. Keitt

20th South Carolina Infantry

Col. George P. Harrison, Jr.

32nd Georgia Infantry

Capt. J. W. Gregorie

Corps of Engineers

Capt. J. T. Champneys

Corps of Engineers

Mr. William Tennett, Jr.

Assistant Engineer

Capt. C. E. Chichester

Gist Guard, Chief of Artillery

Maj. T. T. Warley

2nd South Carolina Artillery

Chief of Artillery

Capt. E. C. Pickney

Ordinance Officer

Lieut. Edmund Mazyck

Ordinance Officer, Battery Wagner

Capt. M. M. Gray

Charge of Torpedo Service

Lieut. Col. Charles W. Knight

31st North Carolina Infantrry

Col. Hector McKethan

51st North Carolina Infantry

Lieut. Col. Joseph A. Yates

1st South Carolina Artillery

Capt. H. R. Lesesne

1st South Carolina Artillery

Lieut. T. George Dargan

1st South Carolina Artillery

Lieut. James R. Pringle

1st South Carolina Artillery

Capt. Warren Adams

3rd South Carolina Artillery

Capt. Thomas A. Huguenin

3rd South Carolina Artillery

Maj. James H. Rion

7th South Carolina Battalion

Lieut. Col. P. C. Gaillard

Charleston Battalion

Capt. Julius A. Blake

Charleston Battalion

Capt. Robert Pringle

Lucas' Artillery Battalion

Capt. W. L. De Pass

Palmetto Artillery Battalion

Col. Charles H. Olmstead

1st Volunteers, Georgia Infantry

Maj. Edward Manigault

Commander, Artillery at Legare's Point

Capt. John C. Mitchel

1st South Carolina Artillery

Maj. John V. Glover

25th South Carolina Infantry

Capt. Samuel Le Roy Hammond

25th South Carolina Infantry

Corpl. D. L. Crawley

Company A, 22nd Battalion, Georgia Artillery

Col. Alfred Rhett

1st South Carolina Artillery

Confederate Roll of Honor

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