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Battle of Mine Run
Confederate Official Records

Organization of Army of Northern Virginia

Abstract from field of

Army of Northern Virginia

Gen. Robert E. Lee

Army of Northern Virginia

Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early

Commander, II Corps

Return of Killed and Wounded

in Ewell's (II) Corps

Brig. Gen. Harry T. Hays

Commander, Early's Division

Brig. Gen. John Pegram

Commander, Brigade

Col. William Monaghan

6th Louisiana Infantry

Commander, Hays & Hoke's Brigades

Brig. Gen. John B. Gordon

Commander, Brigade

Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson

Commander, Division

Brig. Gen. James A. Walker

Commander, Brigade

Capt. Charles H. Stewart

2nd Virginia Infantry

Maj. William Terry

4th Virginia Infantry

Col. John H. S. Funk

5th Virginia Infantry

Maj. Philip F. Frazer

27th Virginia Infantry

Lieut. Col. Abraham Spengler

33rd Virginia Infantry

Col. William A. Witcher

21st Virginia Infantry

Commander, Jones' Brigade

Lieut. Col. William P. Moseley

21st Virginia Infantry

Col. John C. Higginbotham

25th Virginia Infantry

Lieut. Col. Robert W. Withers

42nd Virginia Infantry

Col. Norvell Cobb

44th Virginia Infantry

Col. Robert H. Dungan

48th Virginia Infantry

Capt. W. L. McConnell

48th Virginia Infantry

Col. Alexander S. Vandeventer

50th Virginia Infantry

Brig. Gen. George H. Steuart

Commander, Brigade

Capt. Louis C. Latham

1st North Carolina Infantry

Col. Stephen D. Thruston

3rd North Carolina Infantry

Col. E. T. H. Warren

10th Virginia Infantry

Maj. John P. Fitzgerald

23rd Virginia Infantry

Col. T. V. Williams

37th Virginia Infantry

Brig. Gen. Leroy A. Stafford

Commander, Brigade

Capt. E. D. Willett

1st Louisiana Infantry

Capt. M. C. Redwine

2nd Louisiana Infantry

Lieut. Col. Henry D. Monier

10th Louisiana Infantry

Capt. J. W. T. Leoch

14th Louisiana Infantry

Capt. J. F. Witherup

15th Louisiana Infantry

Maj. Gen. Robert E. Rodes

Commander, Division

Brig. Gen. Junius Daniel

Commander, Brigade

Col. Edmund C. Brabble

32nd North Carolina Infantry

Lieut. Col. W. Gaston Lewis

43rd North Carolina Infantry

Maj. T. McGehee Smith

45th North Carolina Infantry

Col. William A. Owens

53rd North Carolina Infantry

Capt. Edward Smith

2nd North Carolina Battalion

Brig. Gen. George Doles

Commander, Brigade

Brig. Gen. Stephen D. Ramseur

Commander, Brigade

Col. Edward A. O'Neal

26th Alabama Infantry

Commander, Battle's Brigade

Col. Charles Forsyth

3rd Alabama Infantry

Col. J. M. Hall

5th Alabama Infantry

Maj. Isaac F. Culver

6th Alabama Infantry

Maj. Adolph Proskaner

12th Alabama Infantry

Lieut. Col. John S. Garvin

26th Alabama Infantry

Brig. Gen. Robert D. Johnston

Commander, Brigade

Maj. Carter M. Braxton

Commander, Artillery Battalion

Lieut. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill

Commander, III Corps

Maj. Gen. Henry Heth

Commander, Division

Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart

Commander, Cavalry Corps

Maj. Gen. Wade Hampton

Commander, Cavalry Division

Brig. Gen. James B. Gordon

Commander, Brigade

Brig. Gen. Thomas L. Rosser

Commander, Brigade

Brig. Gen. Pierce M. B. Young

Commander, Brigade

Maj. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee

Commander, Cavalry Division

Confederate Roll of Honor

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