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USS Neosho

Neosho engaging Confederate artillery

on the Cumberland River, 6 December 1864

Builder: Union Iron Works

Carondelet, Missouri

Laid Down: mid 1862

Launched: 18 February 1863

Completed: 1 July 1863

Commissioned: 13 May 1863

Cairo, Illinois

Decommissioned: 23 July 1865 Mound City, Illinois

Sticken: 1873

General Characteristics

Class and Type: Neosho-class River Monitor

Tons: 523

Length: 180 ft

Beam: 45 ft

Draft: 4 ft 6 in

Depth of Hold: 9 ft

Installed Power: 400 ihp

4 x boilers

Propulsion: 1 x stern wheel

1 x horizontal steam engine


2 x 11-inch smoothbore Dahlgren guns


Red River Campaign

Blair's Landing

Franklin-Nashville Campaign

Bell's Mills, Tennessee

Battle of Nashville

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