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Battle of Jonesborough
Confederate Official Records

Gen. John B. Hood

Army of Tennessee

Brig. Gen. Francis A. Shoup

Chief of Staff

Lieut. Gen. William J. Hardee

Commander, Hardee’s Corps

Brig. Gen. George Maney

Commander, Cheatham’s Division

Brig. Gen. John C. Carter

Commander, Cheatham’s Division

Col. Ellison Capers

24th South Carolina Infantry

Brig. Gen. Mark P. Lowrey

Commander, Cleburne’s Division

Col. John Weir

5th Mississippi Infantry

Commander, Lowrey’s Brigade

Col. Peter V. Green

5th Arkansas Infantry

Commander, Govan’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. Hiram B. Granbury

Commander, Brigade

Col. Charles H. Olmstead

1st Volunteer Georgia Infantry

Commander, Mercer’s Brigade

Lieut. Gen. Stephen D. Lee

Commander, Corps

Maj. Gen. Patton Anderson

Commander, Division

Maj. Gen. Henry D. Clayton

Commander, Division (formerly Stewart’s)

Brig. Gen. Marcellus A. Stovall

Commander, Brigade

Col. Bushrod Jones

58th Alabama Infantry

Commander, Holtzclaw’s (formerly Clayton’s) Brigade

Brig. Gen. Randall L. Gibson

Commander, Brigade

Maj. Gen. Samuel G. French

Commander, Division

Brig. Gen. William H. Young

Commander, Ector’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. Francis M. Cockrell

Commander, Brigade

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