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Siege of Port Hudson
Union Official Records

Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Banks

Commander, Department of the Gulf

Return of Casualties

Lieut. Col. Richard B. Irwin

Assistant Adjutant General

Capt. John C.Palfrey

Corps of Engineers

Capt. William B. Roe

16th Michigan Infantry

Chief Signal Officer

Lieut. John C. Abbott

13th Connecticut Infantry

Lieut. Milton Benner

2nd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery

Lieut. John W. Dana

12th Main Infantry

Lieut. Stephen M. Eaton

12th Maine Infantry

Lieut. Thomas S. Hall

28th Maine Infantry

Lieut. Joseph L. Hallett

31st Massachusetts Infantry

Lieut. George R. Herbert

159th New York Infantry

Lieut. Amos M. Jackson

24th Maine Infantry

Lieut. John F. Jencks

26th Connecticut Infantry

Lieut. James H. Rundlett

50th Massachusetts Infantry

Lieut. E. H. Russell

9th Pennsylvania Reserves

Col. N. A. M. Dudley

31st Massachusetts Infantry

Commander, 3rd Brigade

Col. Thomas S. Clark

6th Michigan Infantry

Commander, 1st Brigade

Col. Thomas G. Kingsley

26th Connecticut Infantry

Lieut. Col. Joseph Seldon

26th Connecticut Infantry

Capt. Francis S. Keese

128th New York Infantry

Lieut. Col. Justus W. Blanchard

162nd New York Infantry

Brig. Gen. Halbert E. Paine

Commander, 3rd Division

Maj. James P. Richardson

28th Massachusetts Infantry

Capt. Apollos Comstock

13th Connecticut Infantry

Brig. Gen. Godfrey Weitzel

Commander, Provisional Division

Lieut. Col. Frank H. Peck

12th Connecticut Infantry

Col. Benjamin H.Grierson

6th Illinois Cavalry

Col. Edward Prince

7th Illinois Cavalry

Lieut. Col. Augustus W. Corliss

2nd Rhode Island Cavalry

Lieut. Commander Edward Terry

Commander, Naval Battery

Statement of Confederate Organizations Paroled at Port Hudson

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