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Battle of McDowell
Confederate Order of Battle

Army of the Valley

Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson

Second Brigade

Col. John A. Campbell

21st Virginia

Lt. Col. R. H. Cummingham

42nd Virginia

Maj. Henry Lane

48th Virginia

Maj. James C. Campbell (wounded)

Lt. Samuel Hale

1st Virginia Irish Battalion

Capt. B. W. Leigh

Third Brigade

Brig. Gen. William B. Taliaferro

10th Virginia

Col. S. B. Gibbons (killed)

Lt. Col E. T. H. Warren

23rd Virginia

Col. A. S. Taliaferro

37th Virginia

Col. Samuel V. Fulkerson

Army of the North-West

Brig. Gen. Edward Johnson (wounded)

First Brigade

Col. Z. T. Conner

12th Georgia

Maj. Willis A. Hawkins

25th Virginia

Col. George H. Smith (wounded)

31st Virginia

Lt. Col. Alfred H. Jackson

Col. John A. Hoffman

Second Brigade

Col. W. C. Scott

44th Virginia

Maj. Nowell Cobb

52nd Virginia

Col. Michael S. Harman

58th Virginia

Lt. Col. F. H. Board

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