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Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
Confederate Order of Battle

Army of Tennessee

Gen. Joseph E. Johnston

Part of Hardee’s Corps


 Cheatham’s Division

Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Cheatham


4th Tennessee Infantry

Lieut. Col. O. A. Bradshaw

6th-9th Tennessee Infantry

Lieut. Col. J. W. Buford

19th Tennessee Infantry

Col. Francis M. Walker

50th Tennessee Infantry

Col. Stephen H. Colms


Vaughn’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. Alfred J. Vaughn

11th Tennessee Infantry

Col. George W. Gordon

29th Tennessee Infantry

Col. Harace Rice

13th Tennessee Infantry

Col. Michael Magevney


Cleburne’s Division

Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne


Polk’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. Lucius E. Polk


1st-5th Arkansas Infantry

Col. J. W. Colquitt


Lowrey’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. Mark P. Lowrey


16th Alabama Infantry

Col. F. A. Ashford

33rd Alabama Infantry

Col. Samuel Adams

32nd Mississippi Infantry

Col. William H. H. Tison

45th Mississippi Infantry

Col. A. B. Abercromble


Bate’s Division

Maj. Gen. William B. Bate


Finley’s Brigade

Col. Angus D. McLean

7th Florida Infantry

Lieut. Col. T. Ingram


Walker’s Division

Maj. Gen. H. T. Walker


1st (Olmstead’s) Georgia Volunteers

Col. Charles H. Olmstead

54th Georgia Infantry

Lieut. Col. M. Rawls


46th Georgia Infantry

Maj. J. C. Dunlop

24th South Carolina Infantry

Col. Ellison Capers

8th Mississippi Infantry

Col. John C. Wilkinson


25th Georgia Infantry

Col. William J. Winn

30th Georgia Infantry

Lieut. Col. J. S. Boynton

66th Georgia Infantry

Col. J. C. Nisbitt

1st Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters

Maj. A. Shaaf


Commander, Corps

Lieut. Gen. John B. Hood


Stevenson’s Division

Maj. Gen. Carter L. Stevenson


26th Tennessee Infantry

Col. R. M. Saffell

32nd Tennessee Infantry

Col. Ed C. Cook


20th Alabama Infantry

Col. James M. Dedman

31st Alabama Infantry

Col. D. R. Hundley

Stewart’s Division

Maj. Gen. Alexander P. Stewart


Stovall’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. Marcellus A. Stovall


40th Georgia Infantry

Col. Abda Johnson

42nd Georgia Infantry

Col. R. J. Henderson

40th Alabama Infantry

Col. John H. Higley

Army of the Mississippi

Maj. Gen. William W. Loring

Lieut. Gen. Alexander Stewart


Loring’s Division

Maj. Gen. William W. Loring


22nd Mississippi Infantry

Featherston’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Featherston


Maj. Martin A. Oatis

31st Mississippi Infantry

Col. M. D. L. Stephens

43rd Mississippi Infantry

Col. Richard Harrison


Scott’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. Thomas M. Scott


27th Alabama Infantry

Col. James Jackson

12th Louisiana Infantry

Col. N. L. Nelson


French’s Division

Maj. Gen. Samuel G. French


Ector’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. William H. Young


9th Texas Infantry

Col. William H. Young

29th North Carolina Infantry

Lieut. Col. B. S. Proffitt

39th North Carolina Infantry

Col. D. Coleman


Cockrell’s Brigade

Brig. Gen. Francis M. Cockrell


1st & 4th Missouri Infantry Regiment


Col. A. C. Riley

2nd & 6th Missouri Infantry Regiment


Col. P. C. Flournoy

3rd & 5th Missouri Infantry Regiment


Col. James McCown


Commander, Division

Maj. Gen. Edward C. Walthall


Quarles’ Brigade

Brig. Gen. William a. Quarles


1st Alabama Infantry

Col. S. L. Knox


4th Louisiana Infantry

Commander, Brigade

Brig. Gen. Danile H. Reynolds


26th Alabama Infantry

Commander, Cantby’s Brigade

Col. Edward A. O’Neill


Commander, Artillery Battalion

Maj. George S. Stores


Chief of Artillery

Brig. Gen. Francis A. Shoup


Palmer’s Battalion

Maj. Joseph Palmer

Harvis’ (Georgia) Battery


Barret’s (Missouri) Battery

Capt. Overton Barrett


Cavalry Corps

Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler


Grigsby’s Brigade

Col. Henry M. Ashby


9th Kentucky Cavalry


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