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Battle of Pea Ridge
Confederate Official Records

Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn

Commanding, Trans-Mississippi District

Brig. Gen. Albert Pike

Commanding Department of Indian Territory

Col. E. Greer

Third Texas Cavalry, Commanding Division

Col. Evander McNair

Fourth Arkansas Infantry

Col. E. Greer

Third Texas Cavalry

Lieut. Col. Walter P. Lane

Third Texas Cavalry

Col. B. W. Stone

Sixth Texas Cavalry

Maj. Gen. Sterling Price

Commanding, Missouri State Guard

Col. Henry Little

First Brigade Missouri Volunteers

Col. Thomas H. Rosser

Commanding, Second Brigade, Confederate Cavalry

Col. John T. Hughes

Confederate Cavalry

Col. G. W. Riggins

Confederate Cavalry

Brig. Gen. Martin E. Green

Commanding Second Division, Missouri State Guard

Col. John B. Clark, Jr.

Commanding Third Division, Missouri State Guard

Adjt. J. M. Snyde

Fourth Regiment, Third Division

Col. James P. Saunders

Commanding Fifth Division, Missouri State Guard

Maj. D. H. Lindsay

Commanding Sixth Division, Missouri State Guard

Brig. Gen. D. M. Frost

Commanding Seventh and Ninth Divisions, Missouri State Guard

Col. Colton Greene

Commanding, Third Brigade Missouri Volunteers

Brig. Gen. James S. Rains

Commanding, Eighth Division, Missouri State Guards

Maj. D. Todd Samuels

Commanding Price's Escort

Confederate Orders

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