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Brig. Gen. Ben McCulloch




Born: November 11, 1811

Rutherford County, Tennessee






Died: March 7, 1862

Battle of Pea Ridge

Benton County, Arkansas





1st Lieutenant: April 12, 1836

Captain: Texas Rangers

Colonel C.S.A.: February 16, 1861

Brig. Gen.: May 11, 1861

April 21, 1836: Battle of San Jacinto ~ Assigned to Captain Moreland's Artillery Company commanding of the "Twin Sisters" (6 pounders sent by the citizens of Cincinnati) Received a battlefield commission for "conspicuous gallantry" to 1st Lieutenant

1839: Elected to the Republic of Texas House of Representatives ~ Was partially crippled in right arm in duel with Rueben Ross

Captain of company of Texas Rangers

August 12, 1840: Battle of Plum Creek ~ Scouted against the Comanche

September 1842: Scouted against Mexicans when they invaded Texas

1846-1848: Mexican-American War

1846: Named Chief of Scouts under General Zachery Taylor

1848: Returned to Texas and served under Brevet Maj. Gen. David E. Twiggs

1852: Appointed U. S. Marshall, Eastern District of Texas

February 1, 1861: Texas secedes ~ Commissioned a Colonel

February 16, 1861: Peacefully took over the Federal Arsenal in San Antonio

May 11, 1861: Appointed Brigadier General C.S.A.

May 1861: Started to build the Army of the West

Summer 1861: Established a vital alliance with Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek and other inhabitants of eastern Oklahoma

August 10, 1861: Battle of Wilson's Creek

January 11, 1862: Due to McCulloch and General Price personal or strategic differences, Maj. Gen. Van Dorn was placed in charge of the combined armies

February 17, 1862: Battle of Sugar Creek

March 5-8, 1862: Battle of Pea Ridge

March 7, 1862: While riding through thick underbrush, was shot from his horse, dying instantly

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